Thursday, June 12, 2008

How this Mormon throws a baby shower

Last night we had a baby shower for my friend Maria. She is having a girl and its her first baby, which makes this shower even more special.

BUT I'm a bit pooped today. Wondering who is going to clean my house?

I forced my children to take a nap so I could take a snooze, but the house was still messy when I woke up....

I stole this idea for HERE And just made a more simplified version.

They are cake pops!

I'm a little obsessed with these.

I knew they would be cute, but I didn't realize they would be so yummy. At least to me. I could have eaten all of them.

Special thanks to Misty my all-things-party-consultant who really is sick of being a consultant to the whole world and would just like to go relax at the beach...a beach party of course.

Mormon culture 101. Grab a pencil ---you two people who read this who aren't mormon.

We often have our parties in the gym. That way no one has to clean their own house. Not really, but that is a good enough reason for me. And cause its bigger than my 1100 sq foot home. This is not a rule and I have gone to at least 5 showers this spring not in a gym, but I figured its been a while, so back to the gym it is. We call it the cultural hall because there is also a stage in it too.

This has nothing to do with the baby shower but is Darby with a helmet. This is what its like when you have a big brother. Baylie put it on too but I couldn't get a picture. So just imagine.

These are 2 of the 4 young women in our ward (ward = congregation, why that name I dunno) who I arm wrestled into doing some 'service' in watching all the kids so we could have a shower in peace. I think I probably owe them money, but I employ them regularly anyway so we'll call it even. These are also two of the six Means girls and yes they are all gorgeous.

My friend Emily with her cute baby Penny.

I never got a great picture of Maria on my camera, but she is the coolest gal. Its easy to throw a shower for someone you really like and respect. We are the same age and she is married to a boy from Kentucky.

I've been thinking alot about showers and why I've been so tired today. It seems so simple. And then simple tasks sometimes with my small herd are more complicated. Why do we do them? And trying to think how many I've many any of us have done. But I think its really amazing, because every baby is a celebration. Especially when they are coming to a great family.

And babies are expensive and we couldn't do it ourselves, so we rally together and throw a party. And our church is also our family. I think every baby should get a shower---or at least a 'lets go to the movies and chip in some money' shower.

You'll have to consult your local 19 year old missionary for the in depth lesson on the plan of salvation cause this is a 'Brooke version', but I was telling Luke about how we lived in heaven before we came to earth and we were so excited and couldn't wait to come to our families and get bodies. And how he probably was saying, "Me first! Me first!" And I really believe that. And that heaven will be a big party someday too with all of us together.

And yes we believe in Jesus too...


Nilla said...

Great party! Isn't it interesting that all of the cultural halls look the same. I knew what it was immediately. Hahaha... Anyway, thanks for the recipe link for that.. I love party food. And yes, I agree.. every baby is a celebration :). Great job Brooke!

embot said...

You're right about the celebration of babies. It makes me wish I wouldn't have been so cranky about Penny's shower. And it was a fabulous party. Brooke may be finding herself as the ward activities director someday.

sara said...

You did a great job!! You should be tired hosting events always take more time and energy than you originally think. Parties and celebrations are so important in all our lives.

Heather said...

Cute cake pops! I have actually never been to a baby shower at the church. It would be much nicer than cramming in someone's house who really doesn't have the room. I don't think we have those cute round tables. We just have the big rectangular ones. We should have plenty of showers in the near future. Mel and Holli Jackson are due in July/Aug and Amber and Becky Mitchell are due in Oct. Both Mel and Amber are having girls, and Holli and Becky are having boys. Mel's actually scheduled for July 17th if nothing happens before then.

uncle bobo said...

those do look yummy/terrible. man, that is fancy. too fancy. ya'll are crazy. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE LETTER . PLEASE TELL DARBS THANKS SO MUCH. ALSO I REALLY WAS WANTING A BAYLIE PHOTO AND THAT ONE WAS SOO CUTE.

Chris and Holly said...

Hey Brooke! You're amazing! Those cake pops really are awesome. I don't know how you do all you do with three. Sometimes I think I'll go out of my mind with one. Seriously.

Nathan and Emily said...

Brooke it looked fantastic! I am so sorry I wasn't able to go but I really enjoyed Chicago. I'm glad you were able to do the cake pops they looked awesome! I am so happy you did that for Maria. There really isn't anything like letting someone know how much you love them!

Lindsey said...

Way to go on the shower. It looks amazing. So cute and pink--even with a centerpiece. I am sure she loved it and will always remember it. I remember my showers and they were so nice. Get some sleep. i hope you get to sleep in.

Nash said...

Great JOB! Isn't it funny that they taste as good as they look? I had not expected to get the reaction I did from the mom's when they started eating them.
I agree that a nice lunch out or a movie with some money toward something is great for the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth timers, or a different gender. My ward doesn't seem to throw many showers???
I was just at Pam's but not for very long. we should have planned better so I could meet you. BUMMER!

English Garden said...

O.K. so you so know that I have to make those pops!! I have a shower coming up next Sat, I'm so stoked I have another hands on thing to do, I hope mine turn out as cute as yours. Did you use her cake mix recipe or did you use a box? just curious.