Friday, June 6, 2008

Out with the Old...

Out with the old....

(Insert big tear drop...

we love you old couch...

may you find a nice home, we are sad to see you go.

except that you haven't quite yet since we can see you out the window which makes it even harder to say good-bye)

And in with the new!
Nice to see you've already met the kids.

Combined with a nice chair and a half with ottoman (to be introduced later)

Anyone want a free couch? Just don't look to closely. Seriously, good bye wonderful. We love you. Its bittersweet to see you go. All my kids have spit up on you. and probably peed on you. We have taken millions of naps and mom has probably slept on you for two months (all visits combined).

This Darby being "Fancy Nancy". We love that book and we love our Nancy (Nana).

Conversation this morning when Darby saw the new loveseat/chair thingy

(Huge tears) "Mom, I want our old couch! "

Me: Darby, don't you love our new couch?

D: No, Mom, I don't love it, put it outside.

(More tears

Me: I miss our old couch too, but can you try to love this couch?

D: No, Mom, I don't love it, put it outside.

Me: Okay, Darby (lots of hugs)

D: I don't love it Mom. I want old couch.

Me: I hear you don't like it, but lets not say that anymore. ...Now go wake up your Dad.

(the loveseat is smooshed in their room cause we have serious separation issues with our furniture and I am rationalizing that the kids still need something to jump on and built forts with...)

Couch Update: An hour after I wrote this the couch was taken from our an unknown car resembling a dump truck. I missed it, but could hear Darby crying from the window yelling "Someone is taking our couch!" Not a great time to decide to go pee, so I hurried as fast as I could but the truck was gone. It was more devestating than I thought. I opened the door because Jason was just leaving to take Luke to school and said, "Who took our couch?" Darby was tramatized and I was about to cry too, because that was not the end to our couch that I wanted...although I don't know what I was expecting.

Fortunately we are still able to cozy up on the little couch in the kids room and remember the good times.


Nancy Jo said...

Darling picture of Darby! I will miss your couch too. Baylie looks like a pretty princess to me, and diaperheadman is the bomb! Can't wait to see you!

Tina said...

I recently got rid of my blue furniture that had been in the family for 50 years! It was traumatizing. I completely understand missing your old couch.

b w e said...

that is how i felt about my car, but don't worry in a couple years you will be glad. that new one looks NiceNice. and i like that baylie isn't like darby dying to be princess. peace. i guess that is why it is nice to be cheap like me, cause i am like, just keep it forever and febreeze it. : ) but that new one looks comfy.

Heather said...

Love the new couch! I think the more you sit on the new one, the less you'll miss the old one. I won't have a problem parting with my old furniture. I'll have a problem parting with the money it'll cost to purchase new stuff.

Amber said...

You're so funny. I love your attachment to your old couch. And I love your new couch. It's beautiful.

elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

I like your new couch, it does look fun and inviting. I think when we get a new couch, our old one may look like yours did. Darby is cute, so sorry she was traumatized about losing the couch. Oh well, hopefully she doing better now.

Thanks for stopping by and getting in on the giveaway. Good Luck!!

christy said...

she'll get over it soon but not maybe so soon if you still have the love seat to remind her of the old couch. the new couch looks nice and will look good for a long time as long as scissors stay away. our leather couches stay cleaner but not quite as cozy so you need blankets or something when snuggling up on them. we bought two giant microfiber bean bags that the kids love to sit on and i like it that they can't destroy them.
our old couch and big chair are downstairs in the playroom.

Nathan said...

It looks soo nice. That is a BEAUTIFUL picture of Darby. She is looking so old. I think Baylie looks sooo pretty in that pict too. Sad for your old couch, but bring in the new.

Sarah Thomas said...

too funny! Cate is growing up way too fast! and one day she will be doing funny things like that too! Great story for when she's a teenager!
and thanks for the side notes to us not mormon =) Sara Skaggs always says "ward" in her blogs and I just couldnt picture in my head what that would be!!!