Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another Meager Attempt

Dear Miss Tamara Fackrell,

At the risk of being a stalker, I am checking with you again to see if you are vacationing in California in June? And if you could squeeze in 1 to 1 1/2 hours for a lunch date with me. With or without families.

If your schedule is packed I totally understand, or if you would rather do a bigger format (like enrichment) instead of a I'm-going-to-pick-your-brain-while-you-try-to-chew-your-food lunch let me know. I'm torn between the "I'm dying to meet Tamara" and "Just let the woman to go the beach in peace!" sides of my mind so I'll totally understand (this is my favorite phrase...totally) if you are unavailable.

Please let me know. Good luck with the new book.

Hope you had a good Sunday nap. (I stayed home from church with a sick kid, but still squeezed in a nap thanks to my husband)

Thanks so much,
Brooke McCoy


Lindsey said...

Let me know if you she gets back to you. Did you email her that? Sorry Luke is still sick, but glad you got a nap.xoxo Linds

Anonymous said...

borderline stalker...

Renee said...

Love it! You are too funny. You just want to know if she can meet with you. I don't see any harm. It's only the second time you've written her right?