Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not quite as airheaded as I thought

So...Tamara Fackrell called me. I was dying.

Turns out I had given her my phone number. I was shocked. She sounds so cute (so cute) on the phone and we really tried to arrange a meeting. She has six kids now. ...I think we would be great friends.

BUT she was staying 3 hours away and my mom just flew in from Alabama. After much debate and conflicting schedules, I didn't get to see Tamara and instead had a blast today with my mom, sister and all our kids. We are so tired and went to the Natural History Museum and saw the butterflies. One landed on Baylie's head. Then we let the kids play in the large rock garden, cut throw the rose garden and got KFC take-out.

Sad to miss you Tamara, we have a date set for summer 2009. I have my questions ready. And my book ready to be signed.

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uncle bobo said...

flew in from ALABAMA!?!