Thursday, May 29, 2008


Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do

Do Do Do Do Do Do Do

(Insert theme music)

A. She's a Morley, not a McCoy

Erin, whose house we invaded. also known as Vienna's mother. Arizona with the Morleys rock!

Jessica, the cute gal I'm sort of related to since she is married to Jason's cousin. We love her!

Jumping on Aunt Kathy's pillow.

Baylie, although cute and sporty, was not fond of the pool.

Darby was a fish

Hoorah Hoorah, Darby's birthday! On the 24th!

Are these the cutest little buddies ever? With their dark hair, eyes and eyebrows!


mist said...

You can definately tell the two girls are related. Cute pics. The pool looked fun. I am glad you are home safe and sound.

Beth said...

Baylie's legs in that swimsuit picture are SO CUTE AND CHUBBY!

Heather said...

You know who has the dominate genes. Glad you had a good trip!

b w e said...

thanks so much! worth the wait!

English Garden said...

They do look alike but Darby so has your chin.

Hawks said...

I made your blog..i feel so was great meeting and playing games with you guys!!