Thursday, May 22, 2008

Did you miss looking at my kids...I did

Okay, so I was trying to make this picture last, but it just won't do it, so here it is. This was on my camera from when we fed the missionaries on mother's day. Here they are racing Luke in the front yard. Good ole missionaries entertaining my kid and getting him tired so he won't show off like my kiddies do for company. Elder Thing (true last name) is from Maryland and Elder Beard (right ) is from Missouri? but most importantly is the nineth child in his family and Jason's sister is also the nineth child in her family and also on a mission in England at the exact same time. How cool is that! I want to set them up definitely although right now its not very appropriate at all. Sharla hit her year mark and comes home in December!

Jason was so cute. When planning Mother's day dinner menu (with my suggestions) he remembered that Elder Beard was diabetic and bought some sugar free dessert as well. Isn't that thoughtful and Elder Beard was so excited. I love the missionaries and I hope someone is feeding Sharla right now and hopefully not fish and chips since that is not her favorite, but it would be mine.

Hip Hip Hoorah! I found my camera. And where was it this time? After two weeks of looking, and whining and crying and praying and being depressed....drum roll....

I reached my hand in the bread basket to look for the one last hot dog bun for Luke's lunch (cause we only eat the best) and I picked up my camera! In my bread basket. Where I swear I looked twice before and dumped it all out, cause its kind become my bread/catch all...I can turn anything into a catch all spot, thats a weakness of mine. I really know that it was dropped from heaven cause I know it wasn't there, and I was so sad about it.

Cause I need to be taking pictures of Darby being grumpy while sitting in my blanket basket...sans the blankets. I must be a basket girl...basket case would also work.

By the way Mist, my orange Pinesol is 3/4 gone. Not as fast as you, but amazing for me. I love it, its so yummy. cleanest my floor has ever been. Less guilt when my kids eat off of it. Thanks.

Not the most flattering pic of B, but just happy to be back in action. This shot to remind me to get off the dang computer and start packing.

Do you want to come on our road trip?

The mini van will be fully loaded.

The departure time is still being debated between the two bosses...we'll see who wins.

Here is a happy one of her too.

By the way on American Idol sidenote: Wasn't Carly and Michael John's duet great. And same with Brooke Whites song.


mist said...

Okay,okay. I love David Cook. Anyone who can shimmy like that in their underwear....have mercy. I am glad you found your camera. I am not surprised you found it in the bread basket. I love orange pinesol. I am glad you are enjoying it too. Have fun on your road trip. We are doing one Orem to decorate an anniversary party. I love the pics in the car.

Heather said...

I'm so glad you found your camera! I'm sorry I'm going to miss seeing your cute family in person this summer. Have fun on your road trip. We're taking a small one down to Panama City Beach on Sunday. We're just going for the day to meet up with a cousin we haven't seen in 20 years or more.

Lindsey said...

Yes, those were my fav duets on american idol finale. Hopefully you guys are having fun in az. glad you found your camera and that playground looks so fun. what cute missionaries and you should def. set him up with Sharla. I can't imagine having 9!

Gina said...

Brooke your kids are darling! It's been too long since we've seen you guys.

Love & Robots said...

YOU FOUND YOUR CAMERA!!!!! I am so happy!