Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wannabe Elastigirl

I watch a lot of kids movies.

Or I should say I hear alot while I'm cooking dinner or washing the dishes ...when I want to do it in peace.

I analyze them way too much. I freak out about major plot holes. Because kids are smart and don't deserve a straight to video performance. Or an easy paycheck from a B actor. Its not my favorite when I have to explain to my five year old why Scar wants to kill his brother and nephew to he can be king (Name that movie)... "Because he really wants to be King and is not very nice" Or when you have to interject in the movie like, "Now should Ariel have listened to her dad or visited the Sea Witch?" just so they realize that Ariel was just emotional young teen who over dramatized her feelings.

And I love when the dialogue is witty ..not like raunchy Shrek "I'm wearing a thong" that you just hope goes over your kids head, but then of course is the only line they remember from the movie. But smart stuff.

Or like when Luke called Baylie a worm, and I said, "did you hear that at school" and he said,"No mom, when you let me watch Honey I Shrunk the Kids and the boy was playing baseball and missed two times while his brother was getting strong, but then on the third time he hit the ball and broke the neighbors window and when he called the little boy a worm" (That is an actual quote from Luke yesterday, holy smokes I gotta watch out more what I show them cause that kid is a dang computer! )

And what kid movie is my favorite? The Incredibles.

Ahhh...just brillant. That Helen, Elastigirl, is genius. The perfect mom. Voiced by Helen Hunter. Who yells at her kids and punches out the bad guys. I wish I could be her. And turn into a boat if we get stuck in the middle of the ocean. Or reach your 20 feet long stretchy arm right before the omnidroid is going to smoosh your kiddies. And serve leftovers...wait I do that.

Almost as much as I love the Incredibles, I also love the short that comes on it called Boundin

I mean who says you can't get church other than at church?

"Sometimes your up and sometimes your down, but the best part of all is you can always rebound"

True that Pixar.

Click on the link and you can watch it, but it has like 15 seconds or wierd beginning, other than that its a great youtube copy. Thank you youtube

And I don't know why the font is all big ?


Rachel said...

so true. the kids remember everything. i love monsters, inc., but madeleine was watching it a lot and then called me an idiot one day. we stopped watching it after that. she was still too young to respond to me explaining that that isn't a word we use. compared to that, worm doesn't sound so bad.

Anonymous said...

Luke is sooo smart. I am impressed. I would like to be the girl on Enchanted that sings to the animals/bugs and they clean up.

christy said...

so true. we love the incredibles and enchanted among others. i hate those shrek movies b/c they are not really for kids. wednesday avery kept saying "you break it, you fix it" and i realized it was from meet the robinsons which we had just watched in the car while lidia was playing soccer. it was freezing.