Sunday, March 16, 2008

Slightly unorthodox birthday

This was my sister's great idea. The goodie bag for luke's preschool class. Every kid in his class has given out goodie bags...who started this. they practically get one every day. Of course I would have made it much cuter if it wasn't made on the cusp of my birthday. Made out of snack bags and paper I already had on hand. The bag contained candy, pencil and bubbles, courtesy of the dollar spot at Target. And the stickers I already had...I always have stickers :)

These pictures are a bit backward but basically this is Luke's friend eating a cupcake on the nasty McDonald's playground table (sorry renee). Those kids sure are dang creative. I have pics of all the other kids doing it after seeing this one. Did I mention that McDonald's is the best birthday party place ever. Cause kids are simple, and I procrastinated and was in denial.

Cause we were planning on going to Medieval times before I figured out how much it would cost and that we just missed kids are free in February which would have saved us $60 plus we have sworn to go in 2009. (not to mention that we just went to the AZ Renaissance Fair and how much jousting can you really see) Let me know if you want to come with us. So on to the next picture.

This is my life saver. And this picture doesn't do her justice. She is gorgeous and 15. And can multi-task and doesn't have to be told what to do. Seriously she is amazing cause she comes from an amazing family. BTW, this is one of the previously mentioned who is one of 6 girls in her family (not including her mother). So, Super Teenager was going to stay home and watch Baylie during the last minute festivities, but ended up being roped along. She earned her money!

Thank you McD's for providing another cute favor perfect for my children (the crown and pirate bandannas). How did you know we were coming?

These kids were hungry. They tore up those fried fake chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers with confetti onions. No pickles please.

Okay, so we came to Luke's class and brought treats for the kids (and goodie bags) cause some mother started that and now the rest have to follow. But it was fun to see him at school. And Darby got to sit in for the rest of the time and she was in heaven. Luke requested rice krispies with M & Ms although he is always telling me he doesn't like chocolate, strange child. These girls are his two buddies. The one in pink is half of a twin and somehow I cut out her sister from the pic.

Rockin out with Nana's presents.

Did I mention that bowling was NOT a hit. First of all , the cranky old man with tattoos told me that the kids were too little. And I said no they weren't and that I was a mean mama and would watch them. But then when Luke kept trying to throw the ball back into the ball return thingy-ma-gig for the third time, I was thinking he might be right. boy, they were bonkers. Why is my daughter laying on the nasty bowling floor? One kid only made it to frame 3 before he wanted to quit. I talked him back into doing it a little later, but end of story we left at frame 7. Next time, we'll just go as a family of bowling lovers.

BUT mine love to bowl, so by the end Luke was bowling for every one's turn. That was all he wanted to do was bowl with his friends. I thought my kid was like all the rest, but guess not. They were a bit bored and begging to go to McDonald's already. Luke got a strike on his first turn so that was lovely.

Did I mention that the kids spilled a 40 oz drink into the chair and on the floor that wasn't supposed to have food or beverage? I stealthily grabbed four inches of paper towels from the bathroom and sopped it up only to have the children suck the remaining dribbles of sprite off that nasty chair? Creative kids I tell ya.

Just a taste of the bowling fun-ness.

Hoorah Hoorah for McDs. We dropped off my fab-o sitter and then went back and played at our house. Saturday Jason and his daddy friends took the kids to the Arclight (what a waste of a trip to the Arclight) to see Horton the Who movie.
4 dads and 9 kids. Impressive. He said everyone was staring at them...nothing new there.

The unorthodox candles lit for mine or Luke's and I forgot to use the paper goods I had bought before trying to be 'prepared'. So, we'll just have to have Spiderman cups and plates for a regular day.


christy said...

funny. i took Avery to McDs the other day. The pirate cap was way too small for any of my large headed children. I usually just do birthday parties at home with fun games, food, crafts etc.
we went to medieval times back in maryland. it was more fun than the renaissance fair but pricey. definitely only a special occasion kind of thing.
i can't believe the bowling guy was rude. the places i've been have lanes with bumpers specifically for kids. i need to take my kids. we haven't been for a while. i took bowling for my PE at BYU. When you bowl every day you get pretty good.
Happy Birthday to you and Luke. I have a nephew named Luke that just turned 5 also.

Crazy Lady said...

i usually do birthday parties at home too, but i thought this would be less work

Heather said...

Looks like loads of fun. We took all of the kids bowling this summer. They didn't like having to wait their turn. Avery, who wasn't even suppose to be playing, kept taking everyone's turn. If you took your eye's off him for a second, he had thrown a ball down someone's lane.

Renee said...

Sorry Julian had to give such a gross idea to the other kiddies. That's my boy! So sorry I flaked on you. And sorry I missed all the fun. The kids had a great time. Thanks so much.

Amber said...

I think the goody bag deal has gotten out of hand. I feel guilty that I don't send one for everyone for every holiday, but I get over it soon. Happy birthday yall!!

Anonymous said...

It makes me tired just looking at your pictures. Looks like fun though, I miss you! xoxomom