Thursday, March 27, 2008

I love my local Middle Eastern Market

Lets have a healthy competition here. Just because I'm so excited about the little Valley Produce place I go to, its like playing go carts with the shopping carts. Grab tahini for your hummus and Indian spices. And I can pick up the latest Arabic CD while I'm there, although I've yet to do that. And everyone loves telling me how cute my girls are, and I love to agree with them.

Here's how the game goes. Can you beat the prices of my local middle eastern markets? I doubt it. Here is yesterday's bill, just a sample of what I get...but last time I got 3 onions for 15 cents! You still have to be a smart shopping cause even there the prices vary so you have to be able to spot the deals. And prices are seasonal (although some things are always great)....but this is nothing new to you smart shoppers.

1 bunch of fresh flat-leaf parsley 20 cents

Fuji Apples, 1.16 lb $1.86

Green beans, 0.61 lb $1.15

5 heads of garlic 31 cents

3 small zuchini 49 cents

Small box of strawberries $1.79

Spaghtetti squash $1.49

packet of dried parsley 79 cents

Now isn't that dang cheap. So let the games begin. Its just pure joy when I can get 8 plums for 80 cents...just because I can. Don't be nervous if you have to elbow in to grab the celery or you can't communicate with anyone, cause we all like cheap...


Laura said...

so, what did you do w/ 61 lbs of green beans? and for $1.15...hmmm. green bean quiche?

Crazy Lady said...

hahah. i need to proof read.

for 61 lbs, you probably just have lots of gas

cori said...

dang. i would drive there just to buy strawberries.

oh and fuji's. those are the best in the world.

i don't think i can compete. you are one smart shoppa.

hey. that could be a new home movie. the reckless reader. and now the smart shoppahhh.

Renee said...

I remember you mentioning that market before and Jared's Nanna and I were just talking about that place. She shops there too. She said there are some interesting people there. Let me know when you go. I have been wanting to try it.

Lindsey said...

That is awesome. Maybe I should save my produce shopping for when I come visit you!

clegger said...

I wish produce was that cheap here! dang.

The wedding was wonderful. It was so nice of your mom to be there. I had a blast hanging out with her. I love you Evans gals!

beth said...

I've been to that place too. It totally reminds me of when I used to live in Queens. You are so good at finding the bargains!

Crazy Lady said...

ali, i'm sure there is a latino market by you...ask around.

bro : ) said...

that is high here hun. : )

christy said...

i got 3 lbs of strawberries for 5 bucks on sale at the grocery store and kellogg's cereal for 52 cents a box this week. it's one of their biannual sales or something. I bought 21 boxes of cereal.
i used to get cheap produce in monterey but maybe not quite as cheap.

Crazy Lady said...

holy crap christy, the cheapest I've gotten cereal is a buck. you won.

hahah brandon.

Crazy Lady said...
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