Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We are Back with Pictures to Boot

We miss you. We hate to leave.
We didn't get to see all our family there and needed a few more days even with the ones we saw. Its not fun leaving family when you don't know when you are seeing each other again. Makes for a depressing ride home. I could live there.

Good thing we had our awesome library music to listen to and cheer us up. the winners were: 'Tradition' and "If I were a Rich Man" from Fiddler on the roof (okay, so these are slightly no brainers, not like luke is going to be loving on Match maker match maker, give me a match. find me a find, catch me a catch...i'll stop singing). Okalahoma was a bit old. Like maybe our CD. And I liked like the movie soundstracks instead of the broadway debut soundtracks. Cause I thought the movies were old....But I am surprised how much I remembered from my fourth grade play. My Fair Lady was a treat. And I loved Julie Andrews in it...got a little history lesson there. So why was Audrey Hepburn selected for the movie? More name value? I was laughing about how much Jason was laughing about the lyrics the professor sings about women. Very insulting and anti-feminist...he was rolling. Especially Hymn to Him. We renewed them for another week.

Have you been to a Rennaisance Fair? Now we have been to two. And I prefer the AZ to the CA. seemed cleaner. I have seen enough cleavage to last another year. Don't you love that we are letting the random queen hold our baby? No idea who she is. And my neice Vienna gave raisins to the whole court. The king even ate them.

Can't leave without swords. This time one for Darby too. Pink of course.

If you are in our family, this is how you hold your sword. Just how your brother does.

We'll miss little Atticus. His parents seem like pros. He was a trooper.
I can still smell your new baby head.
And he will tower over my children one day.

The jousting was pretty good. I was impressed. Very entertaining. I forgot to take a picture of the huge turkey leg on the bone that we ate. It was huge.

Brothers and babies. Brother from Boston with new baby boy.
Say five times fast.

B is not much of a fan of being held...or her hand being held. She just wants to walk. And getting dirty...and putting nasty stuff in her mouth...

Reagan holding miss b

McCoys party of three via Boston.

We love Wii. My arm was sore after tennis. sad.

Luke was zonked out for the ride home. But not Darby. Surprise surprise. Here is her pink hair...aka favorite blanket that is the least attractive. but comfy and cozy

Big Thanks to my Aunt Kathy who let us stay with her. We came home with loads of oranges and grapefruits. And cool to see my cuz after his mission in NY.

Darby was the picker of the fruit. With help.

Guitar Hero anyone? Pretty much this was the state of the adults most the weekend. Erin was quite good. I never tried it, am I a party pooper or what. But I got an E on dance dance revolution (and yes, it booed me off) so I figured hero wasn't my thing.

And in the last thirty minutes while my kids were napping I could

Hmm...Which did I decide to do? Hope you enjoyed the pics. Gotta hurry and see if I can squeeze in the other two!


Anonymous said...

Well, we've never met Brooke, Jason and I were friends at BYU. I'm glad that we have these crazy blogs to keep up on everyone's lives. It looks like you guys had a blast visiting family.

mist said...

I loved the pics. I want to go to some fabulous outdoor jousting spectacular...I am getting ripped off leaving in this desert I tell ya! I haven't played guitar hero yet either, but we are going to have a yw activity and play the band version...I can't wait. Maybe if you had danced like you used to in the fishbowl window you would have got an A...try it next time:-)

Rachel said...

you definitely should have tried guitar hero. even if you stink at it it's fun. i know cause i got booed off the stage but i still loved it. we played rockband this weekend with my family. so fun! thank goodness i could sing otherwise i would have been terrible at every part of it!

Amber said...

Cute pictures:) I like the name Atticus. Are they big fans of To Kill A Mockingbird?

Heather said...

Cute pics. Glad yall had a good visit. It's so cute the way Darby wants to be like her big brother. I hope they don't hit each other with the swords. That's what would happen with my nieces and nephews. I'm listening to Disney music in the car right now. I have a set of 5 CDs.

beth said...

Did you listen to the Hugh Jackman "Oklahoma"? He rocks!

christy said...

we went to the renaissance fair in maryland. it would have been better if it didn't attract some scary looking people running around half naked but it was still fun but i wouldn't go back. i wonder if they have one here in utah.
glad you had fun.

Lindsey said...

Those are really cute picts. That renaissance fair looks awesome.Does that get you off the hook for Luke's bday? Baylie looks especially so OlD.

cori said...

looks like so much fun!!! its always a party with the morleys. thanks for sharing the pictures.

English Garden said...

So cute!!

Bailey said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one out there that loves to listen to old musical soundtracks. Meet Me In St.Louis Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Even though I know you needed to nap I was glad you blogged : )