Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I love Nike

I love Nike. I love Nike plus with my ipod nano. I don't know about any child labor, but customer service they are great.

Listen to this wonderful story.
So over Thanksgiving we stopped in Prim (near Vegas) to shop at the outlets. Cause I need some new shoes. I haven't bought shoes, running shoes, since before Luke was born. And my mom had given me early Christmas money to pick out my own present...don't I have a nice mom? Anyway, so amist the kids and chaos, I bought a size too small ( yes I tried them on, but I'm a bit airheaded).

BUT I didn't discover this until January when I tried them for the first time on a run. I came home bawling (this is a theme) cause my left foot was totally numb. Of course I couldn't find the receipt and now I'd worn them on the street in the rain. And I didn't have the box anymore. Well. I thought I'd try and sell them on for half price to cut my losses and get on with it. They also were Nike + shoes with means I wouldn't have to wear my shoe wallet anymore. Don't I take a long time to tell a story?

I have a great friend who said to me last week, I'm going to the outlets tomorrow, how bout I take your shoes to the outlets and try and return them? I thought she'd be arrested for looking like she'd stole them. Anyway, no box, no receipt, worn once, no questions asked, they returned them and gave me a gift card with the full price amount including tax. Holy cow. That seemed easy, and here I've been frozen to do anything cause I was so upset. Thanks wonderful friend who helped me move past the emotional scarring I had from being an idiot and buying too small of shoes. And thank you Nike for including scatterbrains like me in your customer return policy. Cori, when are we going to challenge? Maybe when my foot heals a bit.


Lindsey said...

That is the best news ever!! Yeah. So lets go get some new shoes! Whoo hoo.

Renee said...

That's awesome! What a great friend. And way to go Nike!

cori said...

hey so missy. challenge is on. my name is wind in my hair. i hail from vegas. hoo rah!