Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dwell on the Positive

I have funny kids... They make me laugh.
What one does they all do. Or what the oldest does, the younger copies...the middle one is my neice. And who told B that baby food is not cool anymore? And how does she know she wants the cookie in Luke's hand? It must be in womb memory from all the cookies I have consumed.
Cookies make me happy too.

This is a quote via my sister that I like.
"When things go from bad to worse,
put a cookie in your purse."

And so I have a new calling (calling means job at that is volunteer, but you don't get to pick what you do, they pray about it and ask you to do something.
but you can say no...You usually have the 'job' for a couple of years...I was only the nursery leader for one year though. )

I am the new music leader in the primary (kids ages 3-12).
But I don't read or lead music. And my voice is very average, but too bad I'll have to swallow my pride quick cause i have to sing in front of the teachers too. Its actually quite funny cause like a week before they asked me I was singing with Luke on the couch. I thought we were sharing a tender moment and then I see Jason totally snickering in the my voice. Awesome. I have much to learn.
But I know why (my great friend who is the pres) would have thought of me. You might not be getting talent, but I have enthusastism and my best effort. And i'll always show up.
So wish me luck.


christy said...

i know what you mean. i am not musically gifted in any way and i had that calling like five years ago. it did turn out though that i was good at it b/c of my enthusiasm and i was always there. the kids don't know about music yet either so it didn't matter b/c i had had motions and pictures and games. have fun!

Amber said...

Good luck!

Beth said...

I bet you have a great voice. I think everyone has a good voice somewhere inside... they just have to learn to use it right. Amber always said that she didn't have a good voice when she had the calling in Encino and that is SO NOT TRUE! Good Luck. You'll be awesome.

Crazy Lady said...

for the record: beth, you are wrong. I am not being modest.

and also, you of all people, who sings the best of all I know, are way too nice to tell me that. but thank you. i will tell them that beth said i have a good voice.

i don't know parts...just the melody...

Amber said...

Beth is nice. I SO do not have a good voice, which is probably why I'm the music person AGAIN in my own ward!!! It's a fun calling actually and you'll be awesome simply because you are a fun and energetic person and you show up every week. That's what is most important. I don't know parts either. I only do melody. And I mess up leading all the time.
If you want ideas for games and activities, I have quite a few I have found online. Just let me know.

Amber said...

Oh. I should have clarified....the last comment was from Amber in California.

Heather said...

Just teach the kids to sing really loud, so when they sing in Sacrament Meeting you're not the only person the congregation can hear. I think you're alot like your Mom, and you'll make it really fun for them. We had fun at FHE last week playing a game about Primary songs.

Anonymous said...

If I had a "great" friend who called me to be the singing leader...well, I would get a new friend:-) Hmm, I think I need to put a rush order on that apron!

Laura said...

be prepared - kids are brutally honest. when i was primary teacher, i had one of my 6 year olds in my class sitting on my lap during singing time who told me "sister anderson, you are singing out of tune, just try to follow me". i'll be honest, my feelings were a little hurt!

cori said...

you are perfect for it. its great because the kids don't care how you sing. they just want to have FUN! and you know how to have fun.reverent style. i have some resources/games if you need ideas.

Darek and Amberli said...

Darek: just have 'em all stand and march around the room endlessly singing, "The Primary children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked...AAAAAnd walked"

Or wrap a towel around a kid's head as the 'prophet' while everyone else follows him around the room "Follow the prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet he KNOWS THE WAAAAY!"

Christine said...

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Amberli said...

awesome! you'll be so great, no matter what jason thinks! the kids will love you!