Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dinner Disaster #357

Two nights in a row...come on! So I didn't say why I didn't just serve the burritos again to the kids tonite (valid point Heather and Cori), because Jason was having friends coming over for dinner. One of whom we haven't seen since before we've had kids and was visiting from Colorado. Whose wife is decorator extrodinaire and that means I'll have to clean my house too. So Jason invited two boys over and so what to cook?

So I decided on bbq pork sandwiches. Boys like meat. Easy. Crockpot. I bought me some buns. And I'll serve chips and a salad. don't those two go together? So I defrost the pork...wait that looks small, better defrost both pork roasts cause these are boys coming over...and we'll eat the rest in the week.

So in the morning I plug in my crockpot, dump in pork, pour bbq sauce and extras on top. Put on lid, click to low. Waaa-laaa. Dinner will be served at 6. Cause I definitely don't want to repeat last night.

So I come home around from seeing Lindsey, notice no, I'm sure liking this crockpot...not gross at all. I must be getting good at it. So at 4 p.m, I'm like, 2 hours to go. I go in the kitchen to look...hey thats strange...THE FOOD HASN'T COOKED AT ALL.

What? Its on off! And then I see the step stool and my little Darby must have turned it off this morning. Cause she was watching me get ready. And I just didn't notice. but Jason's friends are coming at 7 p.m.! And I can't make my kids starve another night. So I call my mom (sorry for the repeat story mom) and call Lindsey. Do I put it in the oven? Do I try and put it on high? Lindsey comes through with great plan. Put crockpot in fridge, cook tomorrow. New plan. Make an alfredo pasta bake in the oven. Okay, that will do.

Meanwhile I call Jason and he says friend we haven't seen in forever canceled. Now its just non-intimidating friend coming over. Okay I can serve pull out of hat alfredo pasta bake to him. And I don't have to clean my house so much.

But I'm plugging that crockpot in tonite so come over for breakfast for pork sandwiches. Wheat or white bun...cause I'm fancy like that.

And Claire and Amber and Heather, feel free to call my mom if you ever have dinner disasters. Or you can call me.

And thank you for letting me bore you with this story. I definitely overthink my meals. And yes the state of my dinner and eating in my house is the biggest news I got.


Anonymous said...

Lackluster dinner for me too. Remade a recipe that Nick told me he liked a couple of months ago. Tonight? "It's okay" (insert weird grimmace). I think I give up. I am drowning my sorrows in cookie dough ice cream. HP

Courtney said...

I hate when the crock pot gets turned off. That has happened to me a couple of times, and it stinks. B/C the key to crock pots is time, and by the time you find out that it was never on, you are screwed. At least your error was caused by a two year old. Usually I just forget to turn it on, so I have no one to blame...except for my stupidity.

I am glad your meal was able to be saved. & BBQ Pork sandwiches sound delicious. I am want to hop on a plane and come have some with you. :)

Heather said...

One Sunday, we were going over to my Dad and Sandra's for lunch. They had also invited the missionaries. Sandra put roast and potatoes in the oven before church. When she got home from church, she realized that she forgot to turn the oven on. So she ran up the street to Zaxby's and got chicken fingers. She was embarrassed to have to buy food on Sunday to feed the missionaries.

Lisa -- said...

care to share the recipe to the alfedo pasta bake -- i am interested. is it easy? i should share my pork sandwich recipe from dream dinners, it is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to say, but THAT IS CRAPPY...the raw meat episode and the cancellation. Do I know the boy? I think I do. SIngle for a long time.

Amber said...

I've had that happen to me before too (minus the company coming). I'll have to tell Lee to call your mom b/c he's the one who does most of the cooking :).

Paul said...


Did you forget my 24 hour barbecued pork recipe I let everyone sample in class? Were you too wrapped up in Butterscotch pudding and pickles/ I'm happy to send along the recipe. We had it for Christmas Eve dinner a few weeks ago, and I made Barbecued Pork Sandwiches with the leftovers - mighty tast-ee! Paul x

Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate that. Been there, done that. I think your burritos,rice,salad looked delicious. Maybe you can give some of the pork to the starving missionaries : ) It sounds like it is time for omlettes to me!

christy said...

i have never forgotten to turn it on but have forgotten to turn it off. i once cooked vegetable beef soup all night and in the morning it was like dinty moore beef stew.
we rarely have people over for dinner. too stressful to me. I say come over for dessert.

English Garden said...

Paul, I want that recipe!! Brooke I'll bring my crew over for BBQ pork sarnies tomorrow!! and I probably would have just ordered pizza or chinese, not tried to think of another dish cos thats the kinda girl I am.

Amber said...

I found MILD rotel tomato's at Walmart. I'm sure your grocery store probably has them also. Just FYI, since you were saying rotel is sometimes too spicy for the kids.

Amberli said...

that's more news then i got. i just feed, burp, change diaper, repeat...

(not that i'm complaining of course)

oh and freeze since my heater doesn't work and i live in the north pole

(yes, now i'm complaining)