Saturday, December 8, 2007

Positive Article in Wall Street Journal


A positive article about Mormons and that it pretty fact based. That doesn't always happen. I hate reading an article in Newsweek or a encyclopedia and they don't check their facts.

Growing up in AL it definitely wasn't very cool to be Mormon...although is it ever? I have been saved twice just in case :) wink wink. This is a good article about religious tolerance.


Amber said...

That was a great article. It gave me chills at the end. Ditto to the alabama thing. Remember the Christmas play at the First Assembly here?

xoxoyourbro said...

well if were well-read (ahem) you would know that the wall-street journal is where you can find the least biased news. except of course if you are talking about news in the business world. my plug for the best paper you can read the front page of.