Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving Alphabet

Hmmm...What am I thankful for?

A - Alabama trips, Alyssa my babysitter, America and Apple Juice my family loves
B - Baylie, Brandon and Brothers in law, I have eight!
C - Cookies and Courtney and Cousins and Church and Cell phones
D - Darby and Dark Chocolate
E- Evans, my maiden name and my great parents, and Earrings cause you feel so much better when you wear them and Enbrel because it enables me to use my body properly
F - Fish, red swedish fish
G - Frozen Goguart
H - House and H & M
I - Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Ice Cream
J - Jason and Job, I'm so glad he has one!
K - Keys that I find and my cute Kangaroo shoes
L - Lindsey and Luke
M - Malls. Children's Motrin, Minivan and Missionaries (Sharla!)
N - Naps and Nana
O - Oatmeal, because holy crap, Luke loves it and one healthy thing he eats
P - Pink nailpolish and Protein Shakes and Pez
Q - Quicken, helps me stay on a budget
R - Running Partner, Even though I want to cuss when the alarm goes off in the morning, Thanks Sara!
S - Sisters in Law...I have so many and they are so cool. Just wished they lived closer. And I love to steal their ideas
T - Temples
U - Little Mermaid Undies, hoorah only 1 in diapers.
V- Vegas cause its not so far away
W - Washington and Wedding rings, mine needs a little TLC and I miss it!
X - XOXO kisses and hugs
Y - Yards, to get dirty in
Z - Zelzah, the street where my friends live


cori said...

that was way fun to read abc brooke. can't wait to see you...

give luke some sprite and crackers and call me in the morning.

christy said...

i love my kangaroos! they are the most comfortable shoes ever!