Sunday, October 21, 2007

Will ice cream cure the pain?

What can I say? Nothing like having family here. Its always a sad goodbye. Its a little better when there is a date set when you can see them next. Christmas. Baylie still isn't quite better. Cold and cough. Need to get it checked.

Mom thought it was so funny to tell my kids funny stories about me growing up. Let me just say her stories are much more funny. Stink bombing cabins at YW camp, tying up bras to the flag pole, shooting guns, skiing eight months pregnant...need I go on. I have this one funny memory growing up I don't know how old when we were at the grocery store and the cashier guy asked out my mom. She said no obviously. Was that real or a figment of my imagination? She taught me that the nicer you are to people, the easier you get what you want. But she also taught me to be very tough too. There ends the odd ode to my mama.

Luke being a sweet cousin to Brenna. Thank uncle Brandon for the cute BAMA shirts. Brainwashing early. We got plenty of use out of rental car/playground.

Races in the backyard. The best part was you can barely see, but Luke convinced Dallas to let him tie a black sash to her arm because he said she was going to slow and that way he'd pull her to go faster. She wore it at least ten minutes and got pulled all along.

My sister Courtney sent us these bows. So cute.

Baylie with her teeth.

Oh yeah, we went to the LA zoo, and just because Lindsey and I had gone when the weather was cool, we got the stroke of heat that day. It is 80 plus again...sign for fall. We miss you. Come back. But there are crazy winds and a fire in Malibu.


Anonymous said...

HI, Brooke! It's Laurel ...don't know if you remember me, but we used to live in your parents' ward (we're in Oregon now). I saw your blog through Heather's page. Just wanted to comment on your beautiful family! Glad you enjoyed the visit with your mom...we miss the Evans (how do you pluralize that?)--they were so good to us and our kids. My daughter thought your mom's name was Heaven for a long time...even when I tried to correct her she still called her Heaven. I think it's b/c she got caramel popcorn and Sprite in a bottle when she visited! Heaven indeed!


Nash said...

Sorry about my picture I don't have any recent ones, so I will get on soon as I lose 30lbs.=)

Anonymous said...

Please do not believe everything you read on this website. Brooke's memory of things I did must be warped (although the grocery store one was true). Miss you terribly. Good thing Christmas is coming soon! xoxoxmom

Heather said...

I think Baylie looks alot like your Mom in that first picture.

Lindsey said...

I love the picts. That was fun with Mom. She is so cool. I miss her too. We had a blast hangin with you guys. I love watching the kids play in your back yard. Its so big and grassy. I am so jealous!