Saturday, October 20, 2007

24 Hours until my mom leaves

Jason and I went to the temple friday night and saved $40 on a babysitter!

Thanks mom!

It is ritual to eat at Souplantation while my mom is in town. We have done this ever since we moved to girl food. And casual enough for kids. Jason opted out this time, he was working.

We watched this! I had never seen it. I liked it, but wished we had a bigger than our 27 inch TV. Jason was highly annoyed how much I talked during it. I kept that a good guy or a bad guy?

If Monday morning I wanted to drive to my mom's house it would take:

Total Est. Time: 32 hours, 27 minutes Total Est. Distance: 2242.81 miles

Feel free to smack me if your mom lives farther away, out of the country, or is in heaven (I can think of 3 people at least that one of those applies to). But doesn't it suck? All hail independence until you have kids. Changes everything. Or maybe just getting older, cause I'm so old I know.


English Garden said...

I am undoubtedly (?) jealous and if my mum lived that close I would consider driving it every once in a while, but that would be 32 hours non-stop right? You'd all have to wear diapers!!!

Lindsey said...

24 hrs--now prob 12--don't remind me:)! At least you are still here with me--my older sister/second Mom--only 40 minutes away!

Amber said...

I'm sorry your mom lives so far away. That is sad. I, however, am super jealous that you have a sister SO close to you. So I guess you always want what you don't have.

Amber said...

Oh, and thanks for the cyber cupcake. I will enjoy it without all the calories and fat. Not nearly as tasty, but my rear end is thanking you!!!

Heather said...

$40 for a babysitter? My sisters don't realize how much money I'm saving them.

Sad for you that you're Mom had to leave, but we'll be glad to have her back in Dothan.

My sister, Christy has moved to Syracuse, UT, so she won't be able to visit as often. When they were in Baltimore, they could drive down a couple times a year. Now they'll have to fly, so we'll be luck if they come once a year. I'm just glad no one else ventured too far from home. It's nice to have family close by.

Adam said...

Now that I have a kid, I cry EVERY TIME I have to depart from my mom. That is so sad. I'm glad you get to all be together for Christmas this year.