Monday, October 29, 2007

I love being a mom I'm going stir crazy.

Luke is sick. If you having an aversion to hearing puke stories, please stop here.

So he started throwing up Saturday night at 2 a.m. (or technically Sunday morning) and was up pretty much the rest of the night puking and finished the morning...

so he and I skipped church obviously. And I love that Jason is such an able dad that he can take the two girls alone, without batting an eye. I love me some church, but I needed a 'sick' day too. Remember I am the nursery leader which I love cause my own kid is in it and I love the rest...
BUT... I also got to finish Eclipse and have a heart to heart with Luke. Nice to have one on one time and my house was so quiet. Another rarity.

So we did clear liquids for a while, he held that down, so tried some toast.

Good things today (cause I need to count my blessings so I don't shoot myself...okay, its not that bad, but I'm talking to a computer screen so what does that say?...) even though I have ants in my pants.

1. No one else in the family is sick yet. This is the first year we have gotten the flu shot so its all a grand experiment. But I read in Real Simple Magazine...which must be law, that flu shots can give you less of run if a strand gets through.

2. Nice to be a little lazy once in a while

3. Nobody has cancer or anything

4. We were out in the front yard, letting them run off some steam (and chase each and tackle each other cause thats how they play). We saw some planes spelling something in the sky and it said. THANK YOU FIREFIGHTERS. I teared up. It was so neat. And they were repeating it farther away so maybe you saw it in the valley. What a nice thing. I wonder who did it.

And I should mention that he does not act sick at all. Sunday yes, way. But vomit is vomit. I told him thank you thank you for not doing it in his bed, not on the carpet, just his throw up bowl and the kitchen floor...See, there was one more blessing.

BUT...I hate being the food naxi.
Poor kid is starving but after 24 hours of no puking we gave him cereal this morning and it came up about 30 minutes later. Cocoa Pebbles. Maybe should have just done toast again. So we were back to nothing, then clear more toast and chicken broth. Poor kid is begging for a sandwich and a pear. Yesterday wasn't so bad cause Jason could say no too, but today just mean old mom. And I keep telling him I'm trying to make him better cause I'm his nurse and he just tells me, "You are not a nurse!" How sad. So I tried not to give Darby any of his favorites to not torture him so here has what I've been eating.

This is my new cool diet.
Seriously, like 10 a day. And a diet cherry pepsi. And some graham crackers. I am not leaving any for the kids. I have had some dinner mishaps and think I'm in a dinner rut, so I've given it up entirely and devoting myself to candy. With spurts of running in the morning to burn a little off. I don't feel that well, but its quick and easy to grab, eh?

This is all we've been doing. Not really but it feels like it. No No, No, not more TV mommy! Today we counting that they watched 3 shows and 2 movies...yikes.

How much can kids color? I'm going to find out. Because I'm worried luke will contaminate the play dough so I don't want to do that and can only read so many books. I'm burnt out.

But the good news is they skipped their naps (okay so it wasn't good at the time) and went to bed early and quick...perfect since J is working late.

Its sad that a blog can be my adult interaction for the day. And Jason said he might be leaving shortly and is bringing home Taco Bell.


Beth said...

Brooke - I'm so sorry. Kids throwing up is the worst. I hope he gets better soon. Just keep eating chocolate... I think it cures everything.

cori said...

luke... poor guy. go buy him transformers. that will make him feel better. he has to feel better for halloween. cool costumes mama brooke!

Heather said...

Poor Luke! Maybe you'll be lucky and no one else will get it. Throwing up is the worst.

I love the tree picture. Shame on them for cutting them down.

Lindsey said...

I think I will join the candy diet too. Sounds great. Being cooped up in the house is def. not fun. Hope he is better today.

gay said...

holla. sunday i had 2 FULL SIZE candy bars and a couple minis. and i was off the diet pepsi band wagon for a bit, but i feel like i'm back on. not quite sure, still deciding. and ps, my kids aren't sick so what's my excuse?