Friday, September 28, 2007

Name that show

Congratulations to Brandon, my brother!
Who just got accepted to medical school!
I love when good things
happen to good people!
You deserve it smarty pants.
Another generation of Dr. Evans to annoy.
Here's to years of sleep deprivation,
blood, scrubs, exams and hard work.
Now to the task of finding you a Mrs.
Applications accepted.


Nash said...

My husband and I really got into the scrubs reruns last year. Never watched House except while on the eliptical with no sound, is the other one ER?
Congrats to your brother, we will be applying in a few months. Aghhhhh the pain! Med school at 30......anyone??

Anonymous said...

Tell Brandon Congrats!! I am so happy for him. Is he going to be a plastic surgeon?

Lindsey said...

Go Brandon!! Such a smartie!!