Sunday, September 30, 2007

I have nothing interesting to say

I have nothing interesting to say but I'm sick of looking at Mr. McDreamy on my blog, so I had to switch it up. I swear I have ADD. But then whatever disease is really lazy too.

So anywhoo...I left my camera at Lindsey's so I have no funny pictures. Baylie is almost crawling, but the girl needs to learn to situp first. I had another disasterous dinner tonite involving noodles, pesto and cream of mushroom soup. Its almost worse when your husband says its good when you know its not. The kids don't lie though and they didn't touch it. Funny thing. Jason asked me if I put cottage cheese in the mashed potatoes. No hon, its feta. Me trying to be fancy with my stinking potato pearls after I ruined the dumb noodles.

The goal this month is to budget budget. I think budget is swear word sometimes. Cause its usually painfully. And guess where I need work? My grocery bill. Yikes. Thats what you get when you experiment and try new stuff. But in my defense that is the only way you can cook all the time is to keep making it fun and new. And don't you just love buying fresh produce. Especially when cooking guru Paul, my teach, shows me how to make a yummy chopped salad and vinigrette. Did I mention I love that class?

I missed Grey's Anatomy first episode and might take this opportunity to boycott the show. The izzy and george plot line was just too dumb. seriously, yeah right. i want to smack her. i heart callie. okay, enough blubbering.


Anonymous said...

feta in mashed potatoes...that is fancy.

English Garden said...

I feel your pain, I need to budget too, good luck with the food we eat a lot of TJ's turkey meatballs!!

Beth said...

I agree with the Grey's comment. Yuck to George and Izzy. Can't stand their sad faces. And Meredith is getting annoying, too. I think I only watch the show b/c I'm bored sometimes.

cori said...

i hear you on the budget. i just taped a budget quote on my cabinet. just because we all need a little help. i haven't seen grey's. maybe i don't want to now.

Lindsey said...

Sorry about your camera. I wished I would have brought it up that night. Maybe I will tonight. What happened with the chicken pesto? I was going to make it for my in laws tonight but now I am scared.

Rachel said...

oh brooke, i heart callie too! seriously izzy, aren't you way too hot for george anyway!? i watched it. are you boycotting or did you already go on to watch the full episode? i might just have to do nothing but watch tv this fall. doesn't it seem like there are tons of really interesting shows starting this year? even tivo can't keep up with it all!