Monday, September 10, 2007

Misty Strikes Again

Whenever my friend Misty comes, she leaves my house cleaner and my kids hair cuter. And that is who she is. To make this a complete crush post, skinny ninny Misty leaves everything better than she found it. You should see what she does with enrichment...brings it to a whole new level. And weddings...and cinnamon rolls. And she knows way too many of my secrets. We think as highly of her husband. Seriously, don't most people marry their equals?

And she uses all kinds of product, hairspray, curling irons, and definitely a bow. It is definitely an education. Speaking of an education, every visit my level of cleanliness increases and she leaves baffled at my pre-visit disarray. I swear my mama taught me how to clean, but not like a Lemmon. You could eat off them floors. It goes without saying thats why they are skinny cause they are moving their butts so fast cleaning the floor normally sit in front of the tube (one of my favorite things) eating ice cream (also another favorite).

Seriously a curling iron on a 5 month old. Please move here!

Darby before church.

M's girls. She told me that morning Preslie had ghetto hair. That is not ghetto hair.
On a side note, when are you getting your own blog?


Amber said...

I need a friend that likes to come over and clean my house. How did you find a stellar friend like that?

Anonymous said...

Brooke will you ask Misty to come to my house to help me clean it and fix my hair cute? (it's never too late) xoxomom

Anonymous said...

Brooke forgot to post that Misty paid her $100 to say all of that stuff. Did you know that the 99 cent store closes at 9:30?