Monday, September 10, 2007

Did you watch the BYU game?

I know there is a weight limit on this thing, but crazy it still works.

Our tent broke, but its still fun!

Funny how pictures can convey personality.

Raise your hands if your kids love hide and seek. Raise your hands if your kids hide in the same place every single time? Raise your hand if they only want their dad to find them? This time it was under the bed. And again. And again.


Adam said...

Hey - did Jason tell you he saw us at the game? Funny in a group of tens of thousands we saw him.
Your kids are so cute. I miss them!

the mccoy's said...

i am raising both hands. we watch byu of course.... we play hide and seek. and we hide in the same places. the best... under dirty clothes in the laundry room. NO ONE ever goes there to look.

Amber said...

I'm raising my hand. Although, if daddy isn't home, mom will do when it comes to a seeker. But no, we didn't watch the BYU game. sorry. We went to Universal.

Courtney said...

I was so sad that we lost. Carl was bummed. Those are cute pictures.