Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Laughs

See this lifeguard. He is looking intently in the water at my husband, worried he is going to drown. There ended up being three of them. Even had to call on the megaphone, but Jason was just oblivious, trying to catch humongous waves on a boogie board at Zuma beach. He had no fins which is what all the fuss was about. But Lindsey and I were dying laughing it was so funny to watch. Jason quote "I have been waiting for waves this big all summer!" Highlight of the day. Don't worry, I also have it on video.

That and it looks like they finally fixed the power on Sunday (only ended up going out 3x).

And the district lady called and Luke got into the preschool. Good thing because it starts tomorrow. Whew cause I've been a big glob of emotional stupidness. And I can't make a confident parenting decision to save my life. So good thing its done.

But no, the joy is watching Jason getting called in by the lifeguards. And him being completely oblivious. I was hoping that they would spank him. Too funny.


the mccoy's said...

that IS funny. i thought you were gonna say "he's hot" or something.
you are funny to take a pic of the lifeguard watching jason drown. well not really, but you know what i mean. SO glad to hear about luke. what a huge relief. i'll be watching for 1st day pics. :)

Amber said...

I'm so happy to hear that Luke is able to go that preschool afterall. What a headache for you. Glad it's over.

Lindsey said...

I love the picts. I will have to post the cute one of Darby that I took doing the splits in the stand. So glad your power stayed back on. Good Luck Luke on your 1st day of preschool!

English Garden said...

I think you were going for oblivious and not obviously...anyway... thats funny, I also thought you were going to say the lifeguard was watching Jason wishing he had a bod like that or something!! Fab news on the pre-school, hope life settles into a good routine, lets hit Surfas soon though.

Courtney said...

What a relief about Luke! I am glad that preschool came to their senses.