Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First day of Preschool.

This is the only picture Luke would submit too, right before he went into the classroom.

First day of preschool.
He picked out his outfit himself. Darby bawled the whole way home because she missed her brother. She kept saying, "sad...sad."


English Garden said...

Woohooo!! 9 cloves of garlic!! Yikes, that seems like a lot. Don't worry, I've tried tons of recipes from food network and Martha Stewart and none turned out very good, its all a money waste as far as I am concerned, they make it look so easy, now we don;t have cable, I don't watch the shows and I save money. However, we'll see how I get along with my curry recipe challenge.

Brooke said...

oooh, curry recipe? what's that all about? personally, i love the food network and ina and think the recipes are usually pretty good... but then again, picky i ain't, and i love eating.

anyway, back to my original comment, ahem.

luke! and darby crying! isn't it so sad? luke looks especially dashing on his first day. i love his outfit and his cute hair.

you seem like a fun mama.

uncle b said...

humungo backpack.
so just cause you ran a triathalon now you putting bricks in luke's bookbag for strength training?

Renee said...

Great outfit Luke! So so sad about Darby. Payton was actually okay last year. Maybe she was a little sick of him so she was happy he was gone for a bit. That or she didn't show it.

Courtney said...

so, how is Luke liking preschool? Does he like his teacher? Has he made any friends yet? Does he miss being home? Just curious.

Darek said...

Haha, Luke's gotta be so funny at school, I can already see him runny away from all the girls at recess and taking the little kids' lunch money. You need to put him in his little suit (yes, the small one) and make him go to school like that! I'm gonna totally make my kid do stuff like that...I seriously can't wait to be a dad.