Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Can't Swallow Much

I can't swallow. And my ears feel clogged. And I'm achy. So thanks WebMD for the very scientific diagnosis that I think I have strep. So I'm trying not to kiss on my kids. Is it because I taking weekly shots to suppress my immune system? Who knows. But I'm spoiled rotten and have easy access to antibiotics. Which according to Mr. WebMd will make me not contagious.

But good news is that I killed a black widow in our house yesterday. They used to terrify me, but I realize that I weigh a whole heck of alot more and can smoosh those suckers. And I put in ant spikes around the outside of the house. And pulled out those nasty viney bushes by the steps of our front porch. The rose bushes have been cut down to nothing and I actually filled my green trash can in 30 minutes. This was the day before I felt not so hot.

The awesome thing about motherhood is that your kids don't care if you are sick. I'm serious here, no sarcasm. There is no pity. They still want breakfast, lunch, and dinner...and to play. And not to watch TV all day. So aren't we all quite more productive ill than we would be if we could sit on our bum all day? It forces us to forget ourselves...and make the dang day go by faster.


the mccoy's said...

i hope you feel better soon. strep is THE worst. i am sorry. just watch like 5 movies, and your day is over. wish i could come and get your kiddos. love you. and i am busy killing all kinds of bugs too.

Anonymous said...

Strep...that can't be good. Hmm...if you UPSed your kids I would tend them for several days just to ensure a complete recovery for you and a fun time for them.

Amber said...

Ooh. That's not good. I'm so sorry. I hear ya though. Kids don't care if mommy is not feeling well. Good luck and try to get SOME rest. If that is possible.

Beth said...

Brooke - I'm sorry you're sick. I'm sick, too, with some sort of stomach flu. The worst is that you're right, kids just don't care. I keep thinking if only I could just get a few hours of sleep I think I might feel better, but that just doesn't happen b/c T wants to play and I feel guilty for letting him watch too much Baby Einstein. I wish when I was sick I could put the world on pause or something and just get better.

English Garden said...

tonight you should order pizza or chinese, or any other kinda food that does not require cooking yourself. Feel better.