Friday, August 31, 2007

Quick Backstory

Okay, I only have 5 seconds, but here is the backstory to the lamenting post.

So, I'm looking for preschools and my friends all signed up to the $400 month one in February which is out of my budget. but if there is something cheaper I will find out. My other friends found a public preschool in Burbank so I looked for one in my area, but heard it was low income. instantly knew we probably wouldn't qualify but they said they take family size into consideration. so what the heck, i'll apply and still look other places. this is like in May. In June the teacher calls me and says she just found out her morning class (the one we wanted) doesn't have income requirements so Luke is in. Hoorah. Meanwhile other preschool deadlines lapse. Fast forward to Wednesday when I spoke with teacher to confirm coming to parent meeting friday (today). Thursday she calls and says she had bad info and there is a income requirement (which we thankfully make too much money for) and too bad for Luke no preschool...less a week before school starts. by the end yesterday after many calls and letters the district lady said we still have a chance. but the good thing is after some meditation I am okay either way. luke will be in formal preschool or I will step up my game and be teacher mom at home. I'm okay now with either. But i'm still rooting for slightly cleaner house mom. :) more continued later gotta run, I'm in a towel and Jason will be like, what the heck are you doing if I don't leave now!


Amber said...

Oh Man. I'm so sorry. What a mess. Thank goodness for making TOO much money, but that doesn't really help you right now. Let us know the outcome. Hopefully it works out. They shouldn't be able to backtrack what they already told you, which was that there was no income restrictions for the morning class. Good luck!!!

the mccoy's said...

you are funny, in a towell...

poor little luke. i know he was looking forward to it. {jason too}.

what about the ymca, or switch off with other friends. like a home/preschool deal. i know alot of people that do that.

Adam said...

What about that rec center that Amber took Ashlyn to in Woodland Hills????