Friday, August 31, 2007

My Most Favorite Thing Right Now

Okay, so look at these jars of hot and sweet red peppers. Aren't they pretty? I helped can them in the most fun class that I am taking every other week. It is so much fun. We can something every week and while its cooking we learn side things about different kinds of salt or oil (like almond or grapeseed oil) or how to mince ginger or what makes a good pot/knife/cutting board. And there is always yummy food to sample. I roped Claire into taking it with me. It is very hoity toity in the Hollywood Hills with only the best ingredients from Whole Foods.

I am a foodie.
Our teacher, Paul, is the ultimate purist and seriously I just want to copy everything in his house. Although I think we might live on different planets. We have an assignment to poach an egg...and I was like, "you mean without the tray thingy?" He has an edible landscape and even his own chickens in the city. Which I'm half convinced to do myself since I'm a bit turned off by dogs at the moment. I love being exposed to new things (like pear mustard and tomato jam) and definitely feel like the country bumpkin.

Funny story is that we were supposed to bring our favorite pot, cutting board and knife to talk about to class. And I just brought a steak knife where everyone had like awesome ones (like yours Cori) and I was so embarrassed, but even funnier is that the teacher gave me his cause mine was so pathetic. So now I have this really cool knife that I love. Luke told me today, "Mom, you have a knife like Rachael Ray" and he is right (well not quite, Claire has her knife, but still). It is quite the effort to get to class on time and involves the kids being in the car for an hour so I can take them to Jason's work, swap cars and then head to class, but it is so much fun. Thanks Jason for understanding my desperate need to get out of the house and learn something and my children for forgiving me for running away from them sometimes...even though they still are stinking cute.


Lindsey said...

Those look soo pretty!! I can't wait to see what else you can. Hook me up. I am jealous you are taking the class and props for Jason for taking the kids at while at work.

Amber said...

That class sounds so fun. I'm super jealous, but I'm glad you are enjoying it. Everyone needs a little break from time to time. And a cooking class is a great way to get it.

the mccoy's said...

i forgot about that thing you do. canning. you rock brooke. do you have a pressure cooker? when you come for thanksgiving, lets can. and cook. and sew things. seriously. you are coming AND bringing all your talents.