Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Be Glad I'm Not Your Wife because I am a CRAB

I haven't worked out, my house is messy. I'm getting a cold, we are out of milk, I can't find my remote, clothes on the bed, no diet coke, my sisters are Alabama, Jason is home teaching, and I should be supportive...but I'm just crabby. And sadly this is getting more and more common.
What is up?

This is the most blue any child of mine's eyes have ever been. I know most of her neices and nephews are much more blue. I'm surprised at how pleased I am about it. Hopefully that means she is like her nana and grandma---ie: less crabby than me. My mom and Jason's mom are very different but both classy ladies. My mom taught me how to throw a ball and shoot a gun and Jason's mom taught me how to make lasagna.

These pictures look like a Baylie-fest and of course that has nothing to do with the fact that she is the only child not to sass back at me and takes wonderful naps. Sorry if this picture is too risky of Baylie's one day Evans bossoms. And she has no bow and no cute outfit on, but she is yelling a ton and being very well behaved.

Its sad when your kids aren't sick, but they are so cute too. No rules apply when they are. Lollipop? Sure. Cinderella? Sure. Pullup? you bet. We got home from Amber's (sorry Amber) and after Darby's nap she had a temp of 102.8. Yikes. Where is the kids tylenol?
Sometimes I can be pretty dense. And I don't mean this to be a bash on myself post, but Darby had 3 accidents yesterday and then woke up soaking wet from her nap and I was about to scream with frustration when all of the sudden I felt her and she was boiling hot. DING DING DING she is not feeling well. Oooohhh.

This is Luke's fat lip...among other things. It happened yesterday and is much better. He whacked himself pretty good. On B's crib.
Tomorrow I will be more chipper...and I'll be packing for our trip. Blogging is a good way to procrastinate more important things...must be why I like it so much.
Signing off, crabby lady who needs a haircut too.

Okay, before I win crabby paddy award I thought I better end this with a
quick rehash of all my many blessings.
In no particular order
(this is for me, not you)...quickly now
1. I'm so lucky for my healthy body.
2. I'm so glad I can stay at home with my kids
3. I love my little house
4. Jason is the best dad and is soooo patient with me.
5. I ate enormous amounts of sugar over the last 48 hours
6. Killing ants made me feel lots better
7. My kids are finally asleep
8. I have great friends
9. I am glad to live in America with its amazing sanitation
10. Jason is very cute

Also, special shout out to my sista Courtney whose car was broken into and she lost her laptop, ring, digital camera. And to Jackie who was mugged two weeks ago. It could always be worse.


Beth said...

Awwww, Brooke. I totally relate to this post but not quite as intensely as I only have one child :) I wish I could've come over today and helped you out. Poor Darby. The same thing happened to me when my dad visited and Tyler was a CRAB when we went to Beverly Hills. I got home and his temp was 103! Oops. Bad mom I guess. I love the picture of you and Baylie. Have fun in WA and we will have a girls night when you get back.

Renee said...

I too know how you feel. At times I just feel unorganized, lazy for not cooking dinner, getting mad at hubby for working late, etc.etc. I so know where you are at. But hey you go on vacation in two days. Something to look forward to. Baylie is so cute and I love the pic of you two also.

Amber said...

You don't look like a crab in that picture. You look totally cute. It's okay to have tough days. It was probably from driving all the way out to my stinking house, and then being cramped with 8 kids running around in a small space, and then walking a mile to the pool. Ok, not a mile, but you know what I mean. Good luck packing and have a wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

Not that I don't love brown eyes, like all my kids and my husband's, it's just that I have blue eyes(one of my better if not only trait) and I feel like maybe not all my genes are not dead and maybe one got passed on : ) xoxomom

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say, your kids are darling!! xoxomom

gay said...

girl, that is the truth! life is just like that sometimes. soak in up today and have a pity party b/c tomorrow, for better or worse, you'll be feeling better! brooke, where did you get your nike running deal? i think i'm ready to make the purchase!

English Garden said...

Brooke, no matter what you say you will always be one I look up to, I know that I am truly a better person for knowing you, you inspire me. Love the tape, need to listen to it 5 more times and finally feel a huge need to write in a jornal so I can just capture a miniscule amount of the things I need to work on and wonderful experiences I have with friends and family. Your a wonderful mom.

uncle b said...

those are very cute baylie pictures
if it makes you feel any better
when i shaved my head like three weeks ago i found i had a bald ring on the crown of my head

the mccoy's said...

you are so funny. i laugh at you so much. luke, darbs, and baylie are so lucky to have a mom like you. crabby or not.

Lindsey said...

I am back on Sat and we definitely need to plan a getaway for you!! Oh wait, you are going to be in Washington. Stink. I am going to be so depressed going home to LA with no sis in town. Those picts are so cute of Baylie. She is changing so fast. What a cutie.