Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Meet the enemy. You pesky Ants. At least they aren't red ants. I hate red ants...but those aren't ever in the house. Red ants bite. Luke knows red ants are only in Alabama where you have to watch where you step. How do these guys get in my house? I kill at least 20 a day. One here, another there. Wait, here's a whole line of them? Sneaky ants. My kids are on ant patrol, they tell me when they find them. Weird places like the bathroom or by the computer. Its okay if they are outside, but ants are not for in the house. I keep my can of Raid handy. I need a greener ant killer. The smell of Raid is enough to drive me out.

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Nancy said...

Use Grant's Ant Spikes and you will never have a problem again, I promise. You have to follow the directions and put hot water on them and stir with a toothpick before putting them down and put them about every 10 feet around the edge of your house outside and maybe a couple where you are having lots in the house (like a cupboard) but not where kids will get them because the stuff is poison.