Monday, July 16, 2007


Rarely do I take pictures before church, but here are some. Jason got this tie from a friend in college, I think its stolen actually.

Being in church with three kids is similar to being on a airplane with three kids.

Luke cut off his tie with scissors last week (at first he told me the scissors just fell on the tie) and so he doesn't have one at the moment so here is more casual. But still cute. He opted to help clean the frig instead of taking money out of his bank that he is saving for Medieval Times. He loved cleaning the was very dirty.


Amber said...

I SO totally agree with the idea that being at church is like being on an airplane. Although, at least at church you can get up and walk "out". But so true that how ever your child acts at church (in sacrament particularly) is how they will act on an airplane. So we should all swear off flights until our children are all at least 3 right? At least I should.

English Garden said...

I'm amazed you had time for pics, especially since your church starts at 9am!!

the mccoy's said...

luke cut his tie? i would too. they seem so constricting.

Darek said...

haha, the scissors just fell on my tie mom, I swear! Oh man, I can't wait to hear lines like that from my kids. "Dad, time just started to fast forward, there was nothing I could do, it was so weird, everything went blurry...and that's why I'm 3 hours past curfew."

When Amberli was a kid, she blamed her messy room and the bite out of the Christmas ornament on a non-existent mouse. Haha, oh that sneaky mouse always getting you in trouble Amber!

Amberli said...

Darek loved the "scissors fell on the tie story" so much he had to tell me baout it before I could even read about it. Yep, I confess. I blamed everything on a mouse. That's about as crazy as climing that scissors cut off ties all on their own!