Saturday, July 14, 2007

Crazy Day

This is the second time Emily has had to take me to Urgent Care. She is my rescuer. Today I wasn't using my noggin and got bit by my neighbor's pit bull. Dumb Dumb Dumb. Ouch. I had just finished working out and was feeling like a tough lady. Next time I'll go grab my 200 lb, over 6 ft tall husband. It is bleeding pretty good and I had to get a shot. I got bit on my thigh and am sparing you the gory picture. And pit bull Jack ripped my shirt. I just need it to heal quick so I can return to my California swimming mom duties.

Cute Dallas swimming in Kate's pool. What a good floater.

Baylie chilling on the side with her wobbling mommy.

Here is me and my little munchkin.

Baby Brenna, born in January, we love the chub.

Luke doing tricks in the pool.

Darby smiling with her buddy Kelsey

Darby making a silly face.


Renee said...

I still can't believe you went after that dog. Crazy Lady! You are tough but I don't know about going after a pit bull. Hope you get better.

the mccoy's said...

WHAT? are you ok? i am totally calling you tomorrow. i do want the gory details. that dumb dog.

G. Sterling said...

just call dad mccoy, he'll be over there in no time to show that dog whats up. he just told me about killing another peacock so he's rearing to go some more!

and this just adds one more reason for me to HATE the canine species, brooke. sorry you got bit

darek said...

serious, does anyone have a gun? or better yet, slip 'em some poison. I'd be so furious if my neighbors dog bit me! hope you're okay though, that's a bummer.

Amberli said...

So many fun pictures. Makes me miss california. I can't believe that you got bit! That's seriously scary. I hope that you are feeling better! You're a nice neighbor. I have no compassion for biting dogs and would for sure have that little sucker taken out! Especially when there are little kids around.

Amberli said...

PS that top picture. I had to take a double take. I thought that was me with black hair for a minute! Weird!