Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Skirball Museum

Nothing like being pooped in the old Bjorn. Baylie is a trooper

We were invited to go to the Skirball Museum with a few of Luke's friends. The Noah and Ark exhibit. The whole time I kept thinking of people I wanted to bring back and see it with me (Claire, Lindsey and the rest of you), but let's wait and book the free day in the fall. It was very PC and they had zero biblical references. Glad to finially see the Skirball. It was very tranquil... and well done.

Its Darby wearing the coolest outfit? Can I get one in my size?

All the art was from found objects. Wish I would have taken more pictures to explain that, but I figure its going to be on Amber's blog?

Very hands on. Hard to keep track of my kids. Who are the people in this picture I wonder?

The rainbow mist. When I'm rich I want this in my back yard. It went every 5 minutes.


Amber said...

Guess I better get some pictures up on my site huh? It was a blast. I wonder how much a membership there is?

charlotte and clarke said...

Brooke I love your blog you always make me laugh. That Skirball museum sounds killer!

Noah said...

glad to see people still enjoy rainbows. i cant tell you what a relief it was for me to finally see one!

the mccoy's said...

brooke. it was a nice thing for them to send you that edible bouquet. BUT...{you know i feel about the deal}. i love you too much to just sit here and watch you in pain. i am still totally miffed about that dog.

Renee said...

It was fun. I am glad we all could go.

English Garden said...

I so want to go to the Skirball, I keep getting all these flyers, is there a free day? If so I am soo there.
Cool bouquet but if its "here's a great bouquet we are keeping the dog" then they should have saved their money, if its "here's a great bouquet, we are humbly begging your forgivness and we will bow down and your wish is our command" then cool bouquet.

the mccoy's said...

you said it english garden.. amen to the english and amen to the garden. amen.

Amberli said...

The rainbow is the coolest! I love it. Yes, after you have one installed in your backyeard, please come install one in ours.

Have so much fun in AZ. Hopefully the next time you guys go visit family is AZ we'll be there too!!! Can't wait to move closer to the family. And you better beleive that if we move to AZ I'd be in CA every weekend!