Saturday, July 7, 2007

Do you have a 2 year old at your house?

All I could do not to get mad was take a picture. This is a common occurrence at our house where Darby reigns. I totally forgot what a 2 year old is like. After this she usually steps all over them. Good thing she is very cute.

Baylie's close up. Thanks to the red eye fixer on the photoshop. She is now 3 months old.

Ahh, the transformers have now hit another generation. No we don't wear clothes at our house.


xoxomom said...

I can't believe how old Baylie looks! You have just darling kids! I miss them and their fun personalities.

darek said...

haha, i was just gonna say, do your kids ever have clothes on besides Sundays? I'm gonna buy chains and dog collars for my kids so they can go past there bedroom.