Saturday, July 7, 2007

Did I mention we have 1 bathroom?

I have a very busy day, but need to write this if just to amuse myself and so I don't forget. First of all let me just say there should be a one bathroom club. Cause when I first moved in my house is thought, Wahh! (crying) I have one bathroom, however will we survive? And now the more I find it is very common here in valley with lots of old houses. (I think it should be a building requirement to do at least a 1 1/2 bath) And have since been embarrassed about my previous complaining. I think the award should go to the amazing Means family in my ward (church) who have 6 girls age 19-4 and have one bathroom. And these girls are gorgeous, seriously someone should clone them. Or maybe that is what they are doing. ANYWAY, I'll get to my point.

So I'm taking a 10 minute shower and there is no door locking with one bathroom. So I'm showering and Luke opens the door, "Mom, can I tell you something?" "Sure" "When I put my foot in dad's face it touched his lip...Isn't that funny?" "Oh yeah" Continue to wash hair and shower...few minutes pass, "Mom, Darby just peed on the kitchen chair!" "Okay, thanks!" And then right before I turn off the water, in walks naked Darby to come 'pee' (cause of course there is nothing left!) on her Dora potty. She smiles at me and says "Mom, I peed" with the biggest smile on her face. Anyway, funny. Now I gotta run and get ready!


English Garden said...

Love your blog because I get to listen to Michael Buble. Most houses in England only have 1 bathroom too so thats how we grew up, a family of 6.

the mccoy's said...

i love how you captured motherhood so well. you made my day.