Saturday, June 23, 2007


This is a cool train. Luke is holding the remote. It goes forward and backwards, makes noise and blows smoke. We love it. It also has an interesting story. Lindsey and I helped my neighbor move out of the apartment building for five of the ladies was 85. And it was a bolt of lightning moveout. We had admired this train moving under their Christmas tree and she gave it to me after that long, tired night.

Luke made tunnels for the train to go through. Aren't kids so cool? I saw a guy this morning in a red Honda with the license plate KDSRGRT. I rolled down my window and told him I loved it. I He was about 50. I wonder what job he has...Funny things that have happened the last couple days. For example, Darby has peed on my friend Claire's floor 3 different times. And this morning my eye was acting up (ie: hurting terribly and watering like crazy) from when I shot myself with a nerf toy in December...can I get over that already? And the new neighbors pit bulls broke through my fence and got in the backyard and were clawing at Baylie's window. Excited to see what tomorrow will bring. I love Sundays

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the mccoy's said...

i love train sets. that is so cool. real smoke too? so perfect for your little boy.