Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wierd Day and Old Random Pictures

So half yesterday Jason and I were debating, along with frequent phone calls to the nurses in my life, debating if Darby was sick. And then today we debated if Luke and Baylie were too. Tylenol is my friend because it breaths life back into anyone... Anyway, just been inside a lot this week and decided to post some old pictures, by way of introduction to some people in McCoy life. Meet Chris, Jason's long time buddy and writing partner. He is single and just told me he is one of 2 people who read my blog so here is a shout out along with embarrassing photo and embarrassing profile. He is a lawyer, we McCoys love lawyers, and my kids love him. His other name is Silly Pickle Chris.

Here is a picture of Alabama (roll tide), since most of you will never go there and I love it there. And since we don't know when we will go back, big sigh. Pictured is Lake Eufala, which is huge and we stayed at our great friend's lake place and used their four wheeler and seadoo (My parents have a boat and we love to waterski)...Luke just remembers that Alabama has red ants...

This is Emma Jane, my baby sister Courtney's new baby. This is an older photo, but you get the picture...she is a cutie. Also meet Mabel, Darby's love, and an english bulldog. We love english bulldogs, Mabel is one of 4 that my family has had. I love dogs and one day will have the house. But they are surprisingly similar to having children except that they never progress. Mabel now lives with Courtney and Carl as a watchdog.

This is Luke...can you imagine what he is saying. First guess doesn't count. M O M!

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English Garden said...

I love the quote from Pres. Hinkley, anything like that inspires me to get off my butt and work harder at being a better mum. I have to say mum, I'm a mum not a mom. Books we are reading right now - Giraffes can't dance, Just like you (so cute), Watch Out, Bringing down the moon (also really cute), Mr. Wolfs Pancakes, Totally Wonderful Miss Plumberry. I love suggestions, we have begun checking books out at the library, just because I need to save some money.