Friday, May 4, 2007

Salvaging the Day

So I was planning to go to Lindseys today and then it became this escapade when my 20 mile drive ending up taking me 1 1/2 hours (45 minutes to get on the 405 people, linds lives by USC) . And with my raging hormones of course I was bawling and kept second guessing if I should just turn around and quit, but the kids were begging to go see 'Dallas' one of their favorite people in the whole world. So we finally arrived and it was the funniest thing. Lindsey, the funner mom, decided to bust out her new sprinklers in her 'yard' cement area behind condo garages and let the kids play...of course they had no change of clothes and no swimsuits. And my little city kids and their cousin hadn't seen a twirling Nemo sprinkler before and were delighted. This event quickly led to Luke laying down in the minuscule puddle and him and Darby drinking the dirty water and spitting them out. I of course told him to stop cause that was gross. He ignored me until I told him he'd get the runs from the germs and runs is no fun (gotta speak 4 year old)--amen Luke, the runs is no fun. So then they were filthy from rolling around in the puddles so we stripped them down for a bath...cause we know its going to be another fun LA traffic ride home. While I'm taking off Darby's shorts, I hear Linds say, "Luke don't pee in the garage" and I look to see this 3 foot pee rainbow spraying towards me. It caught me off guard and I couldn't stop laughing. But of course I told him that even though I was laughing, this was not funny and we can't pee in the garage and that his cousin doesn't want to see his pee pee. Everyone should have a boy, especially if you aren't one and don't know all the fun places you can pee. We had so much fun though, and it made the trip worth it. Thanks for having us Lolo.

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the mccoy's said...

such fun pictures! i laughed out loud at luke. you are funny. i can just see you trying to discipline him about his pee laughing your head off.