Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nobody likes a party pooper

Okay, so I am just doing this cause Amberli (my cool sister in law) 'tagged' me and then Cori (my other cool sister in law) did it and even my very single and handsome brother in law did it so now I have to really do it, so after I do this, I'm tagging all of you, and if you don't have a blog you better email me your 7 very exciting things about yourself that I don't know, just cause.

1. My new love is beans: Garbonzo, Kidney, refried, green
2. I love books on CD
3. I love my mini van
4. I'm worried I'm going to have to wear Depends before I'm 40
5. Messiness is my middle name
6. Ice Cream is my crack
7. I have a love/hate relationship with California.


English Garden said...

where is apple juice on Jason's favourite things list??? Such cute pics of Lindseys girls I can't believe how big Brenna looks, time flies huh?!!

Amberli said...

Love hate relationship with California??? That's only because you live in LA. Move to Laguna Hills, there is only love there!

the mccoy's said...

so happy to hear you love beans. do you like 5 bean salad? i love it so. you can buy a huge glass jar of it at cosco, you should try it out super good.

did you get the flames yet on your van?

you must reconsider your feelings on CA. i would move there in a HEARTBEAT! i am drying up here brooke, save me!

Boss Lady said...

you guys are crazy. i want to buy a house people and I could do it almost anywhere else but here!

And I want to send my kids to preschool and not go to private school!

And not have Jason commute an hour to work.

And the list goes on. But we do have great weather, beaches, endless fun things to do and lots of young mormon families like myself.

G. Sterling said...

you have ice cream in your crack brooke?

Courtney said...

I just figured out that I could post comments on this. Woo Hoo! Okay. So, I totally read it as, "ice cream IN my crack." I was totally confused.

You guys should totally move to the south. ') Houses and big yards are cheap! :)

Renee said...

I would have to agree with cream is my crack too. I am up for the challenge. I will give you my list. Check out my blog.