Friday, June 1, 2007

Jason must not want a skinny wife

Cause why else would he tell me to buy a costco size box of Twix candy bars that contain 34 bars! And keep them in the house. Ocassionally I'll ask him what he wants from the store cause I stink at making lunches and am more of 'just grab a frozen burrito and a drink' kinda wife, but i'm crazy cheap about money (sometimes) and don't want us eating out I was expecting something along those lines. But Twix...they aren't even my favorite, but lets just see how long it takes me to eat the whole box. 2 weeks?


English Garden said...

Oh, if I buy that stuff for Eric I make him keep it at his office, if its at home there's no willpower, even if its not my choice of candy, it will be gone. I've even tried keeping it in the freezer, you know, outta sight but its still completly hopeless, choclate tastes just as good frozen!!

the mccoy's said...

twix are my fav candy. just one more reason, we get along so well.