Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Multitude of Photos of Baylie Mae

Mom, what are you doing to me...holding fist so tightly!
I think she looks like her Uncle Brandon Evans?

Squinty one eye smile. No bow, shocking.

Look at my little chicken legs, and this is chubby for me!
This is Darby's bow, on Baylie, but isn't bigger always better?

Baylie profile...we love mow hawks...


Anonymous said...

I love the artwork and smiles on Darby. She always makes me laugh. Baylie is soo cute and has grown so much! That one picture of Baylie looks just like Brand when he was little. Can't wait to see all in person again!

Beth said...

Baylie is looking pretty chubby to me. But I had such a skinny baby. She is TOO cute! I love your blog Brooke... you're doing such a good job with it.

Anonymous said...

I looooove the pics! Yes, I do check the blog...yes from work. :) All bias aside, we sure have such cute kids!