Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Darby is Almost 2

Don't you dare take my picture woman! I don't really believe in the terrible twos, but Darby is reminding me that they are upon us. All the books are off the shelves, she has to put on her clothes by herself or else she screams.

A decent smile attempt...check out the beautiful artwork on the arms. She calls Luke 'Gook' or usually she just yells 'BOY" She says, "come on, BOY." or yells 'Boy! Boy!'

We just started potty training, she half way does it already, but I have been ignoring it cause I've been too lazy. Ask me how we are doing in a week :)


G. Sterling said...

getting into tatoos a little early arent we?

the mccoy's said...

what a cutie. you are way ahead of me on the potty training. i can't believe she is already doing it. i am in denial. yes i guess i am.

Boss Lady said...

she was begging me too, I was in denial. she was having bad rashes and knew that diapers just needed to go