Thursday, May 17, 2007

American Idol

I am so upset that I couldn't even watch. My mom called and asked if I wanted to know who got kicked off American Idol, something she frequently does (very handy having family in a different time zone) and I said, "Sure, just tell me its not Melinda," and she said, "IT IS!"

I was sick to my stomach. Jason would tell me all the mean things the guys on the radio were always saying about her...but I have always loved her. She rocks.

American Idol has not created so much joy in my life as when Melinda Dolittle is on it. I voted like 15 times for her last week. Redial. Redial. (my kids were asleep). Redial. I'm so bummed. The show is over for me now.
Now I want Blake to win, cause a 17 year old just shouldn't!

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the mccoy's said...

you and mackenzie will have to duke it out. she watched it, and was happy to see your girl go.

your banana bread made me laugh out loud. it's so true, how it burns on the out and gooey on the in. i have tried everything to make good bread, i just make banana cake now. mmmmm. so good. with cream cheese frosting. i will send you the recipe. you need to have it at your house. no going back after you eat this cake.