Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Where we are at

3 schools, and only one kid not in double digits.  A teenager driver which is freaking awesome by the way.

At the moment I have a kid home with strep and our AC isn't working on a 100 + degree day and I'm actually ok.  Funny, people really can grow.  Years ago those things might have put a damper on my day but we have done some hard stuff over the years and weather the AC debacles a little more smoothly.  My kids didn't even complain last nite and it was hot all day in the house after school.  They are champs.  Ironic that the things that I have been praying for which usually includes the vein of ways to obtain more money have been delayed but my kids and probably my character has been developed with those answered prayers.  

Funny how that is huh?  God really is trying to make the best version of us and we should bless and thank that bumpy path!  

Tossing the idea about writing on the blog a little more.  

Football season and soccer season are in full madness over here and I'm not even stressed.  Why the heck not?  I mean I'm helping coach one of the teams and have five different sport schedules to deal with and about 10,000 broken things at home and I'm kinda ok.  I'm even happy.  I'm sure busy with a big volunteer calling at church and Jason and are doing really good.  I haven't been able to work out like what really benefits me because life is so busy, but I have coped.  I move when I can.  What I can feel though is enabling power of Christ's Atonement so tangibly and I'm reaping the benefits.  Prayer, scripture reading and focusing on Jesus Christ really will make us joyful despite any circumstances.  That and a whole lot of gratitude for the life I have been given.  It could be much much worse.  

Faith over fear.  

Choose the Good.  

Ditch all the crappy thoughts and don't let them stay. 

What you focus on is important.  

Everyone needs friends.  

God will help you with your budget.  

You can sleep in a 90 degree house.  

Don't go on a diet.  

Read good books.  

Watch Tv. 

Make the cookies. 

Corn dogs are perfectly acceptable dinners with a busy schedule and then kids can feed themselves.  

Being 40 is not too bad ya know?  That wisdom has been hard earned but pretty beneficial.  

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Brandon Walter Evans said...

I recently read a talk you might like from President Benson on controlling your thoughts was enlightening for me