Tuesday, June 5, 2018

holding on for dear life

My life isn't always crazy I don't think.  Its just when its crazy and I feel like I am about to explode is when I feel like I need to document it and write it down.  So if I'm quiet its because things are nice and possibly boring (praying for boring).

But wow these last two days have kicked my butt.  And I plan on for some more butt kicking til about June 18.  Because by then I will have completely about a million things I need to do including all the kids being out of school and that will mean I have survived a Tahoe soccer trip that I am attending sans Jason plus girls and I am trying to not be nervous about that.

that means I will have already dressed up for colonial day and been in charge of the candy station which I roped Darby into helping. I will have passed out all the yearbooks and sold the remainder and appeased all kinds of testy parents.  I will have given my kids teachers little gifts and thanked them.  Oh yes and I will have done about 2 more relief society meetings not including church. and lets add a birthday for ivy in there for good measure.  about 5 more school lunches to make (plan on taking them out early on the last day) which reminds me I need to find someone to watch rusty.  By the 18th we will have celebrated fathers day, and I will have sent my dad something and Jason's dad and Jason and made them all feel special.

Tomorrow alone I have three different places to be in a short span of time and I'm already looking forward to that being over.  I am definitely going to exercise tomorrow since I don't drink and somehow we have to manage this stress responsibility.  Oh and I forgot about the last Pta meeting of the year I may or not attend because quite frankly don't know how I'm going to squeeze that in.

I do have some fun stuff planned in between though, including a special screening of incredibles, a school movie nite, a graduation party, the big Os 16th bday party that I'm taking Luke too, and Luke is having a scrimmage on Thursday afternoon at the rival high school.

I am going to get off this.  But just know I am alive and if I'm slurring my words or bite your head off know that I'm barely scrapping to the finish line.  I want to head butt the people who had the big kids get out of school before the little kids cause that has been a major dumb thing still having to get up early and homework and yada while part of the family is summer partying!  But I do love seeing those big kids more they are sure great.  and after youth conference and hearing president nelson, that boy of mine indexed the last two days on his own without me knowing.  indexing is data entry for family search which allows people to connect with their ancestors and is pretty much the greatest service and proud of that kid.

I better call on the leak I have had for too long in the bathroom, its telling me it can't be ignored anymore.  Got my brakes fix and wow driving these millions of places sure feels wonderful when you chin isn't vibrating into your neck because you have worn them so thin.  glad that prayers won't have to guarantee my safety to the next destination as well because I was getting a bit worried on the last few trips.

I love being a mom.  All the crazy is worth it.

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Lindsey said...

You always amaze me in every way!!! Love ya!!!