Saturday, July 15, 2017

funny stuff my kids won't see till its too late

Luke got home from scout camp and wow it felt like a long time.  between darby and him this summer, this is really testing my motherhood having them gone so much!  how can I last a mission if a week feels forever.


lukes funny stuff.....
no shower all week and allllll that entails

but he said he was really proud of himself because he brushed his teeth twice a day and put on deodorant the first two days.

and i think he missed us too.  but he got his horsemanship merit badge and looooved it.  did you know you don't really love something unless you type it out looooove.  true story.

our house is still hot but fixing is coming soon.

i convinced jason to finish a project i have wanted done for a loooong time today so I can't complain that we are staying in hot house all day because he is doing it.

alabama in less than a week we cannot wait!!!!

oops which reminds me why i got on the computer but immediately forgot.  ivy has a talk tomorrow in primary on reverence????  uh man i really wish we could pick the topics because reverence will be a hard one from me ahahah ;)

seagulls stop it now is in my head.

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Lindsey said...

They rode horses at camp?! That is awesome!! Can't wait to see you!!