Saturday, May 20, 2017

That time I met the General Relief Society President and also embarrassed myself

Nobody wants to get a call from a stake president.  Eeek!  When is stake conference?!!!  But this ended up being a wonderful thing!  I got picked to be in a focus group the nite before the General Relief Society Presidency was going to be addressing our area.  I had no idea what to expect and then it wasn't even what I expected?

But all week I was so excited about it and my family knew.  Also, I started to get nervous about it.  My prayer was this is not about you, this is not about you...and also, please don't say anything crazy. 

Well, surprisingly in a room full of women, I didn't say much.  In fact my hand wasn't seen getting raised and others were sharing about the same things I felt but I was like sheesh well I can't come and not contribute at all!?? So its moved on to another question and another and then I did raise my hand and get called and still a bit blurry what I said.  The question was about how do you deal with the challenges in your life?  And since a lot of people said they listened to conference talks, they said how do you pick which ones you listen to?  

I said that after conference I listen to them again and again til I'm familiar enough that if someone said, what did Elder Sabin speak on...I would know and remember some of it.  But then .... (be prepared for crazy rambling) 

I said that I have had to choose to keep my family together with both fists (and Sister Bingham said good for you) and its hard trying to remember what I said because you can't take notes on yourself when you are talking was basically how sometimes my kids haven't seen always the best things or see me have to deal with hard stuff even seen mom punch a hole in a door.  But then I tell them hey at least I'm not drinking! In our family we have a slogan that perfect is boring, and sometimes that means dusting yourself off and picking yourself up again.   And that we have to find healthy coping techniques for them and also for me!  I need to be happy and make sure I am .  And that with hardships that my testimony has become like cement.  And then I said about that quote from general conference about that kids need good examples because they are going to copy behavior anyway. And we must choose to be that.  Doesn't mean we will be a perfect one.  

Okay here is the very few notes I have from the focus group.  Stay tuned cause I"m going to a training this morning as well.  

The questions were basically What are your challenges you face raising children (which was so interesting because so many people had such different challenges than I) and how do you deal with them. And how do you be on the same page as your husband in how you face them and parent?  

Emily Grey was there which was a comfort to me and she had lots of wise things to say. Seriously there were lots of really amazing women with really neat stories and a variety of hardships.  Lots of tears sharing.  

Sister Jean B Bingham responded saying that life is supposed to be hard.  But also have your unique bundle of talents and strengths and capacity to deal with it.  (She reminded me of my mother in law and Janice Grantham in temperament) She said trust the Lord.  He will help you find what you need in your life.  He sent you at this gift and these special spirits have great things to do.  He created you differently and you are JUST WHAT HE WANTS YOU TO BE.  

She talked after it was over about how she had just served almost 1 year in the general primary presidency before she was called to be the general relief society presidency (that was my question to her when I was alone with her, so how is it?  and she said much more fun that she imagined.  Her husband also served his mission in Puyallup!) 

Anyway, she said what do you want in primary?  You want mothers to teach the children

And what do you want in relief society?  Strong Mothers!

Others who were there Emily Moffat who I didn't really know only heard of and had a really powerful testimony.  Girls from Burbank and the Valley.  From Spanish speaking wards.  1 mom had her 9 week old baby with her and the one from our stake has 7 boys!  Also getting to know the cute lady next to me Jenn who is really amazing and lives in Saugus.  

Neat opportunity.  Oh yes, and because God is good and new I really wanted to meet her and this was my only chance.  When our meeting was over I spotted in the hall Neill Marriott who I just love and I quick ran out and said can I get a picture with you?  She was shorter than I thought she was (in general conference she seems larger than life) and I said, I gave a talk on your talk!  (yielding our hearts to God) and she said, I'm sure you improved on it!  And I told her I love all her necklaces she swears and she said oh this just a cheap one and I said I love cheap!  

in retrospect I probably should have asked my family what I should ask her if I got the chance.  When the meeting was winding up she said, now I need to hold that baby! (there was a mom with a 9 week old baby) 

I love the leaders in our church. and I love my church and Christ who is the head of it.  God gives me these quiet reminders all the time if I pause and listen. 

(and try and not beat myself up at my crazy mouth!) 

Oh yes, pretty awesome part is when the stake relief society president in another stake showed me the scar on your hand from punch a door this year ;)

Also I think I have decided I'm going to not filter as many pictures as I can.  Some need it especially if the photo is too dark or I hate it, but I much prefer just real :) 


Lindsey said...

Loved every bit hearing about all of it!! Sounded great!

Nancy Jo said...

I loved hearing all about it too! Thanks! You are awesome!!