Wednesday, May 3, 2017

In the nite

I had the worst dream last nite.

I dreamed that two of my most favorite couples loved of them each told me they were leaving their spouse.  And they came to me to tell them and I was going to tell them all the reasons not too.

So in my dream and I wrote a speech and was pleading with them not to do this and I was devastated for their broken family because I love both of them and their spouses.

Anyway, it was so vivid and awful, I wanted to write down the only part I remembered of my speech, or seemed like a talk and they were there.

The only things I remember is that that I told them....

In every marriage there will be a time when you will be a time for  FIGHT or FLIGHT....and when that moment comes stay and FIGHT.  Fight for your marriage and do all the things you can do to save it.  Stay close to God, pray pray pray for love to be filled in your heart for your spouse and if it is not there pray that you will have a space in your heart and ask God to put it there.  And in some marriages you might have a few times when you can decided to Fight or Flight but always choose Fight (unless there is abuse going on and then I have a different speech).

That must be like my worst fears that this happens to these couples.  And also marriage happens and fighting for your marriage is one of my most thought of and cherished subjects.  Lately Jason and I have been talking about how we can have the best marriage in the world, because that is what we both want right?  And so if we both want it why don't we just make it happen?  So trying to be more deliberate on what we need to do and how we can stay close to have the best marriage in the world!!!!!!

Sometimes we don't get to choose and sometimes our spouse is making the choice and we will have to deal with that but we can with God and even become better and happier whatever happens (i.e. your spouse is leaving you and you have already fought and fought and fought and fought and fought to save your marriage and keep your family together).

I know some amazing and faithful women who have gotten divorced.  And they have bounced back with lots of help from God and they found their happily ever after.  But both of those ladies fought like crazy to keep it as well.  Have been thinking about them lately and how much I admire them.  And also all the people I know who have fought like crazy and kept their families together.  All of them are my heroes!

Anyway, strange i know what comes in our head when we sleep.  Maybe tonite I can just go lay on a beach instead?  How can we order that dream?


Nancy Jo said...

You are so like your dad and remember your dreams!!!

Nancy Jo said...

Great advice!