Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Baylie is 10

I can't believe Baylie is now 10 and yet she seems very grown up!  Wow what things Baylie has already conquered in her young life!  Soccer, rolls, piano, reading, school, gate!  She is very wise and has already have many encounters with the spirit speaking with her.  Baylie's favorite color is blue for everything.  Baylie loves playing  video games and singing.

Somehow I keep missing posting on her actually birthday but probably because we were playing too much for spring break!

Baylie lucked out and got to go to the Six Flags for her birthday because the Schoeni's and the Taits got us in as their friends!  It was wonderful!  How lucky are we?!

Baylie requested roasted marshmellows and a real fire and to sleep in the living room.

This past week she had an encounter where a boy at school was very mean to her and that is kinda how this year has been.  Lots of strange encounters with different kids where she has learned how to navigate social situations and learn what it feels like when people aren't nice.  The good news is she finally has a close fabulous friend and many sisters at her school!  Baylie is still very confident and learned that she does not want to make anyone else feel bad and that words can hurt.  Baylie definitely has really shined this year in so many different areas and I think there is some consequences with how other kids handle that.  and too many boys like her! Good thing she can't group date til she is 16!

We love our sweet funny Baylie.  So lucky to have her in our family. I really miss when she was little but excited over the beautiful woman she is becoming.  I love hanging out with her and talking to her and hearing about her life.

I will post the pictures next!

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Nancy Jo said...

I can't believe Baylie is 10! How awesome she has become!