Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fun amidst the chaos

My cute scripture study group threw me a surprise party with treats at our scripture study! Love these ladies and love learning together! And we love the gospel!

Is this a spread or what?!!

We kicked butt at a Brandon Mull book signing! Or maybe it kicked this moms butt (far away, long line) but we made memories and glad to do it! Pinch ourselves that we get these opportunities by leaving near a big city.

Went to family day at the temple after seeing beauty and the beast.

I loooved that movie! Wished I could see it again right now! It's pretty perfect!

Ok we have the best home teachers ever right now! Like the greatest of our life! So sweet and helpful and caring and interested in our family! They have already helped us so much! And they dropped off treats for our birthdays and also brought lucky charms for st Patrick's day because I was pooped and unprepared and jason was out of time! Was a highlight and had a yummy bowl myself!

Just wanted to document the mess Ivy dumped out when she got home from school.

These are the devil. The are the worst/best/greatest ;)

The girls had a teddy bear tea at activity days about manners and also the new prospective girls got to come so paisley was thrilled (and also Ivy was saaaad)

So lucky that their leaders do neat stuff like this!

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