Monday, March 27, 2017

Exploding brain

1.  first of all, I hope this yearbook doesn't kill me

2. reading my son's texts both makes me crazy and also incredibly proud of him.  doesn't put up with swearing and says good things (mostly) to his friends.  the kid is growing up.  and i caught him saying something about me to his friend which was cool and somewhat complementary

3.  it was a bad parenting decision to let the kids watch indiana jones tonite.  i was really needing some leverage for room cleaning and chores and i just won the used set from a silent auction at the library. jason was gone tonite and we started watching it....oh ahh, hmmm, definitely not for the little girls had to stop and put on a different movie for them upstairs....oh ahh, wow i don't remember this much violence, probably not good for the baylie and darby either....oh ahh, ok well now i'm just feeling bad so lets stop it finish the last 30 minutes later.  sigh.  good news their rooms are cleaner.

4.  I was an amazing cook UNTIL i started plant based meals.  wow i have had to throw out a few and dang it is hard.  not to mention that i'm doing this all on my own (i.e. no support from my family they think i'm crazy.) well not true the girls understand that i don't want to take my shots and am trying to find an alternative.  but man dinner has been rough.  and my cooking self esteem is plummeting.  my family just wants meat.

5.  i better get off this and start on the dang yearbook, but needed a diversion from the slow going process that is like putting a fork in my eye....see how violent, thats what indiana jones did to me tonite.

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Nancy Jo said...

Can't imagine having to cook food for my family that i want to eat but couldn't and have to cook a different meal for me. Hang in there - YOU ARE MY HERO!!!